Guide to buying hanging pots

hanging pots

Shopping for hanging planters is fun. In this case, you know that they are going to be suspended in the air and therefore the type of plant that is always used is one that falls in a cascade.

But When buying them, do you know what you should look for? And which are the best on the market? Don’t worry; We have prepared the information you need to buy wisely. Keep reading!

Top 1. The best hanging pots


  • Two pots.
  • Made of hard plastic.
  • The exterior is very beautiful.


  • Something awkward to water.
  • Be careful with the size.

Selection of hanging pots

Next we leave you other hanging pots that we think are very good. Look at them.

10pcs Metal Hanging Planters for Interior Exterior Decoration

You will have 10 hanging pots of metal 10x8x10 centimeterswith a hook to be able to hang them wherever you want.

KAHEIGN Hanging Planter Basket

Here’s a set of two hanging pots of different sizes (the large one is 25 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm while the other one is 21 cm x 15 cm x 16 cm).

Amazon Basics Hanging Planter

Made of ceramic in white and copper. Even though put a hanging planter, then talk about 3 units. They are round in shape and 16×24.1×17.6 centimeters.

YEHIKO Self-Watering Hanging Pot Set 26cm

This planter is made of rattan, plastic and metal. Have self watering system, which allows the pot itself to take care of watering the plants.

Kazai. Wall Planters

It is a game of 3 wall planters made of ceramic in glossy white (although more colors are available). Being wall-mounted, they have the perfect shape so that they fit well in the area.

Hanging planter buying guide

When buying hanging pots, you should keep in mind that it is not enough to look at the price being appropriate for your budget. Nor that you like it in sight. In fact, there are some factors that you should not overlook. Which? We tell you below.


Hanging pots can be made of different materials such as ceramic, metal, wicker, plastic, among others. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, ceramic pots are heavier and more resistant, but also more fragile, while plastic pots are lighter and easier to move, but they deteriorate much faster, especially in direct sunlight.


There is no doubt that a small pot will need less care than a large one. But You cannot choose the size according to your free time, you must stick to what the plant needs What do you want to grow? If you buy it new, it is not convenient for you to transplant it until 2 weeks later (and only if necessary, otherwise it is better not to do it). And if you already have it for a long time and it needs that change, you must choose the appropriate size, perhaps one point above (only one) so that it is fine.


When choosing hanging pots you must make sure that the color you choose is the right one. For example, if you have a blue patio, putting a pot in blue, the same as your walls, can make it fade (and make it disappear to the human eye, which could create dangerous situations).

Price range

Finally, we have the budget. And this will depend on the above factors, in addition to what you can spend.

Depending on the material, it may cost you more or less. Also depending on the size. Generally, prices can be between 10 and 150 euros approximately. Of course, there are cheaper ones. For example, the plastic ones can cost you from 2 euros while the ceramic ones will not be easy to find for less than 5 euros.

What plants are for hanging pots?

For hanging pots, the best plants are those that “hang”, despite the redundancy. But that does not mean that you cannot put other plants, actually yes.

Some of the most common are petunias, begonias, geraniums… While the pendants can be ivy, hanging grass, peperomias, succulents, tradescantias, etc.

Take into account the needs of each plant, since depending on where you are going to place it, you will be able to choose the plants.

How to make an easy hanging pot?

If you don’t want to buy a hanging planter but do want one, how about spending a little time creating it? It is very easy and among the materials you will need are:

The steps you should take are the following:

  • Take the pot and cut a piece of string or string that is three times the height of the pot.
  • Tie that thread or string to the top of the pot. If it does not have an edge, we advise you to apply glue or silicone so that it is fixed and does not slip.
  • Also carry the rope below for safety. This way you will have the pot caught on all sides.
  • Fill the pot with the soil and the plants.
  • Knot the final string so you have a knot so you can hang it wherever you want.

Where to buy?

buy hanging pots

buy hanging pots

We reached the end. You already know what to look for when buying hanging pots, as well as some important information about what plants to have in them or how to make one. But what if you want to buy it? Well, here we give you some stores where you can find them.

The Amazon

Is where You will find more variety both in design and in size, colors, etc. Of course, the fact of not seeing them physically can make you mistaken if you are guided by the photos. Check the measurements of the product well to know if it will work for you or not.


In Ikea you will be able to find one exclusive section on hanging pots. We cannot tell you that they have a lot to choose from, because at least online they only have one, but if it suits what you need, its price is quite affordable.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin they have a greater selection, not only of hanging pots, but of their types. And it is that they are not based only on rope ones, but also Those that are hung from balconies are in the same category. As for the prices, they are affordable if we take into account that some are large and have a reasonable price.

Do you already know which hanging pots you want to choose?

Guide to buying hanging pots

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