How and when to perform a lemon tree graft

lemon tree graft

Grafting has facilitated the expansion and reproduction of many types of crops, including citrus. We recently saw how to perform a graft in the orange trees  and at what time of year it should be done.

Today we will explain when and how grafts are made for lemon trees. They are performed in a similar way since compatibility in these citrus is good. This type of graft is usually successful. Do you want to know how to make a graft from an orange tree to a lemon tree?

When to perform the graft

how to perform a graft

how to perform a graft

As always when this type of technique is going to be carried out, it is important to bear in mind that the tree from which it is going to be grafted must be totally healthy and free from diseases or pests.

The best time of year to graft from an orange tree to a lemon tree it is between spring and autumn. During this time, the bark of the stock can unfold quite easily and the tree is in a state of active growth, where the sap flows correctly.

There are two types of growth depending on when we do the graft. If we do it in early spring, it will sprout in a few days and is called grafting a live yolk. However, if we graft in the fall, it will not sprout until the following spring, which is called a graft to sleeping yolk.

How to do the graft

make the cut for the graft

make the cut for the graft

Is done a T-shaped incision in the pattern or rootstock, and then with the blade of the razor the bark is separated. It is not necessary to apply too much pressure, when reaching the wood the bark should separate easily.

To make the gusset you have to do a longitudinal cut of about 3 cmfrom bottom to top and around the bud, and another cut in a transverse direction to separate the shield. We introduce the gusset in the T-shaped cut and adjust it to the maximum.

Finally, the graft is covered with graft plastic below the bud to protect it.

With these indications you can graft on your lemon trees.

How and when to perform a lemon tree graft

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