How to block the view of the neighbor

How to block the neighbor's view

Whether you live in a single-family house, in a chalet or in an apartment, you have neighbors. And often gossipy neighbors. So when the good weather arrives and you start spending more time on the terrace, the garden or the poolwhat you don’t want is to have some “piercing eyes” watching everything you do and criticizing you inside, right? To do this, you will surely search the Internet for how to cover the neighbor’s view.

We are all jealous of our privacy. And even if you live in an apartment with a balcony, in one with a small terrace, or in a large house, what you don’t want is to give the neighbors a show. Nor to anyone. For this reason, more and more people are concerned with covering the views in order to feel freer. And that is what we are going to teach you. Here you have some options.

Awnings, parasols and umbrellas

block the view of the upstairs neighbor

block view of upper neighbor

Let’s go with a first option that can be very smart if you live in a ground floor with a patio and your neighbors are upstairs. If more than once you have looked up and met spectators who have made you go home (almost running), placing an awning, parasol or umbrella can be a way to avoid the problem.

As well It is useful for single-family houses and even chalets if the houses around you are tall because you prevent them from looking at you from a second floor.

Blocking the neighbor’s view from above is a good idea, especially if he has no chance of seeing you otherwise; but if it does, you’ll have to deal with the sides.

Artificial hedges

Artificial hedges is a way to cover the view of the neighbor on the sides. These they are placed on the fences or walls to prevent the other person from seeing what you do. Although in reality they will see your silhouette and something they can see because the hedges, for the air to pass through, have little holes. But come on, they have to get very close and look for them to see you.

Of course, it may be the case, with a very, very gossipy neighbor, who inserts some instrument to make a hole, but that will be noticed, so if you cover it up on your side, it would be over.

shade nets

Shade nets are also a solution to install on terraces or on fences and walls to avoid those neighbors who watch all the time.

These are very fancy and offer you good protection.

Along with these, there are those for concealment, which are mainly made of hurdle (PVC to last longer) or wicker. They give a more rustic look to your home and at the same time they will preserve your privacy.

However, they are light and if you live in an area where it is very windy, they may break easily. In addition, with the passage of time they will deteriorate (sun, rain, etc. makes them take on an uglier color and eventually break).

Climbing plants

A more natural solution to cover the neighbor’s view (which can be from above or from the sides) are climbing plants. These have the function to get tangled up by the fence and cover those gaps so he can’t look at you. To do this, you have to acquire plants that are very bushy (such as ivy, for example) and that are also fast growing.

And it is that, until the plants cover everything months and/or years may pass and many times you want the solution “for yesterday”.

Vertical gardens

cover terrace views

cover terrace views

Related to the previous idea, if you cannot wait for the plant to end up blocking the neighbor’s view, another option, also natural, is vertical gardens. These have the advantage that they are placed and the plants at the same time creating in themselves a natural barrier.

Over time, if a plant does not continue, you could change it for another in such a way that you would always have those views covered with natural vegetation. And by the way you enjoy taking care of the plants.

obviously also you have the option to buy artificial vertical gardenswhich hardly require care and have the same effect. We recommend these if you do not have time to take care of the plants and/or if the inclement weather is not the best for having natural plants where you are going to place it.

Curtains, blinds, net curtains

They are a less used option, but it can come in handy for terraces or similar because in these places you do not have so much problem with them. It is as if you had an interior curtain, only you place it on the outside so that when you are outside, nobody is looking at you and you feel uncomfortable.

Yes, when it’s windy it will be more difficult for a curtain to cover you and as for the blinds, they can break if the air is very strong.

green mesh

This is a solution that is commonly used because it is very cheap and does its job (although it does not last very long). It is a fabric mesh or similar in green (you can find it in black too). This it is placed on the fence and fixed with wires.

It is similar to the shading and/or concealment mesh that we have mentioned before, but instead of having a more rigid and consistent appearance, they are like a resistant piece of cloth.


Haven’t you considered that blinds don’t always have to be related to a window? In this case, as long as you have a bar where to hang them next to the fence or wall you want to hide, you can put them in such a way that when you want you raise them, and when you don’t you lower them.


vinyl for railings

vinyl for railings

One of the economic options that can be used for outdoor terraces (those with railings) or the like are translucent vinyl. These are characterized by prevent the interior of the balcony or terrace from being seen, allowing light to pass through. In other words, they won’t see you from the outside.


The hurdle is useful for everything: for railings, walls and even for the upper part. With it you can build a wall, even higher than the fence itself, and thus create your own wall to avoid looks.

This, as long as you take good care of it and maintain it, will last you a few years, and you will have the peace of mind of being outside without noticing that you are being spied on.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from to cover the view of the nosy neighbor. You just have to think about your needs, the options that will best meet your needs and the budget you have. Do you have more ideas to avoid prying eyes? You can tell us about them.

How to block the view of the neighbor

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