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fruit set products

It is usual that, when you have fruit trees, what you want is for the fruits to come to fruition so that you can eat them. But sometimes these have the problem that they don’t finish maturing, or they fall off as soon as they get fat. For this, you could use products for fruit set. Do you know what we are talking about?

Now, We are going to help you to know what are the products for fruit set, how they work and which are the best on the market. Go for it?

Top 1. The best products for fruit set


  • Organic water-soluble fertilizer with calcium and boron.
  • Excellent penetration capacity.
  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiency states.


  • It is not specific for fruit set.
  • The capacity is scarce if you have a lot of trees.

Selection of products for fruit set

Here we leave you other products that may be interesting for your fruit trees. Take a look, you may find what you were looking for.

SKUALO Fruit Set Inducer Container 15 ml

This fruit set inducer is certified organic farming. It is a product for non-professional use that will help fatten the fruit. You simply have to follow the instructions that come on the package and apply it to the crops.

Northmbium Agro Natural Magnesium Sulfate 1.2 Kg.

It is a natural fertilizer composed mostly of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. With it you will improve flowering and growth power, making the plant resistant to diseases and improving the quality of the soil to enhance its roots.

It is used for any type of crop and you simply have to dilute it in water.

CULTIVERS Fattening Fertilizer of 1 L.

It is made from algae with the objective of stimulating fruit growth without using synthetic hormones. Among the results that you will obtain will be a higher yield of the crops, as well as a better quality of the fruits. Size, consistency, turgidity, useful life, homogeneity and coloration in the fruits will increase considerably.

In addition, it is a 100% ecological product presented in a one-liter liquid format.

KENOGARD Special Flowering, Setting and Fruit Development Preparation

This preparation is special because it contains everything necessary for flowering, setting and fruit development. It also has properties to prevent and control deficiency states.

Should be used in pre-flowering, fruit set and development treatments, but also when the plant has a greater physiological activity.

The container is a one-liter bottle and the indications for its use are established in it.

Guide to buying a product for fruit set

Sometimes we think that plants do not need any help to get ahead. but it is certainly not like that. There are times when it is important to offer them some nutrients to help them. And one of them are the products for fruit set.

Now, In the market you can find many of them, and here we want to talk about what would be the factors that would influence the purchase. Do you want to know what they are? We tell you.


Products for fruit set They can come in powder, liquid, or pill form. When choosing, you must adapt to your needs and preferences, but above all, that it contains specific ingredients that really improve the fruit set; that is, plant hormones and essential nutrients.

In addition, we recommend that you make sure that the product is safe for both plants, animals and people. And that you can easily apply it, be it on the ground, the leaves or even the fruit.

Price range

The price of fruit set products can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, the type of product, and the quantity you buy.

To give you an idea, those with plant hormones are much more expensive than those with essential nutrients; and if we already combine the two, then the price can go much higher.

That said, in the market you can find them for a few euros or for hundreds of them. It will also depend on the brand, quantity you buy, etc.

What is fruit set?

We’ve been talking about fruit set, but do you understand what it is? It’s about a process of maturation and development of fruits in plants. During this process, the fruit cells begin to divide and differentiate, leading to the formation of specific fruit characteristics such as size, color, flavor, and texture.

This process It begins with the fertilization of the flower ovules. Once fertilized, the ovule becomes an embryo and begins to divide and grow to form the fruit.

Each of these divisions causes the cells to differentiate to form different layers and structures of the fruit. The outer layer becomes the skin or shell of the fruit, while the inner layers become the pulp of the fruit. In addition, the cells also produce and accumulate nutritive substances and sugars in the fruit.

Depending on the type of fruit, and the plant you have, the duration can be one or the other, so the process can take from a few weeks to months. In addition, the climate, nutrition of the plant, light, diseases or pests can affect how everything develops.

If it goes well, the result is that you will have good fruits.

Where to buy?

buy products for fruit set

buy products for fruit set

Now that you know more about the products for fruit set, the last question you can ask yourself is where to buy them. It is not easy to find them in the usual stores, so here we recommend two sites that you can go to get hold of them.

The Amazon

The first is Amazon, not because it has many brands and products, which is not true, but because you are going to find a little more variety compared to other stores. Of course, be careful with the price since sometimes it is usually raised more than that product on another site.

Nurseries and garden stores

Another option, which is almost always the most common, is to go to nurseries and garden stores. Are operate with one or two brands of products for fruit setbut they are usually of good quality and they also use them themselves, so they can guide you and explain how you should apply them to your trees.

Do you already know which products for fruit set you are going to use?

How to buy products for fruit set

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