How to care for fruit trees in autumn

Specimen of Prunus dulcis or almond tree

With the arrival of autumn the plants begin to use less energy. Their growth slows down, to the point that there are species that stop feeding their leaves, which end up falling to the ground to become compost for the roots that allowed them to form. In the garden things also change. There are many fruit trees that finish ripening their fruits in this season, but there are also many that may need a little help to survive these cold months.

If it is the first time that you have some copies, then we will explain to you how to care for fruit trees in autumn. Thus, they will endure winter much better, being able to sprout strongly in spring.

When and how to water fruit trees in autumn?

Gardener watering with hose

Gardener watering with hose

Irrigation is very important in all seasons of the year, because without water the plants could not stay alive. During the fall, however, it can be a difficult task. The continuous drop in temperatures and the slowdown in plant growth mean that the earth is more humid for a long time. Therefore, the frequency with which we water them should be lowerevery 4-6 days.

The most recommended irrigation method is by drip irrigation system, but if we have few fruit trees and / or we have them in pots, it may be more convenient for us to use the hose. In any case, every time we do it, we have to leave the earth well moistened, but not puddled.

How to prevent diseases?

Copper, a good fungicide

Copper, a good fungicide

During the autumn the mushrooms, not only those that are suitable for human consumption, but also those that seriously harm plants. This is because the ambient humidity is much higher. Not only will there surely be more cloudy days, but it is also likely that it will rain much more often than in summer, depending on the area where we live.

To prevent fungal diseases fruit trees must be treated with copper-based fungicidesapplying the product both by irrigation and foliar by spraying.

Can you buy and plant fruit trees?

Persimmon tree

persimmon tree

If the climate we have is mild, or if frosts occur but are late (late February / March in the northern hemisphere) we can add new fruit trees to our collection. If we want to have them in a potIt is a good time to transfer them to a pot that is about 5-10 centimeters wider and about 10cm deeper than the previous one with a universal growing substrate mixed with 30% perlite.

In the event that we want to plant it in the ground, we will make a hole of about 50cm x 50cm and we will mix the earth with 30% organic fertilizer, such as compost or mulch.

How are fruit trees pruned in autumn?

Tree pruning

Tree pruning

During the fall, more or less towards the middle of the season when the deciduous ones are without leaves and the evergreens are also not growing, we can prune them. But how? The most important is remove those dry, weak and diseased branchesbecause they do not serve the plant.

Once this is done, you have to cut those that have grown too muchgiving it the natural shape that each tree should have. For example, if it is an olive tree, its crown should be rounded and low, or if it is an almond tree, the branches are trimmed to prevent them from exceeding 3-4 meters.

Necessary use proper pruning tools (pruning shears for thin branches, and a handsaw for thicker ones) and disinfect them before and after use in order to avoid the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms that could put the health of the plant at risk.

More tips for caring for fruit trees in autumn

Remove the wild grass

Removing the grass

removing the grass

Wild grass, much better known by the name of weeds, are plants that can become nests for a wide variety of insects. These, during winter they are most likely not to cause any damagefor it’s too cold for them, but in spring they could jump into the tree and start feeding on its sap. For this reason, it is advisable to remove the grass and throw it, for example, into the compost.

Mulch young fruit trees

If we have recently acquired a young fruit tree and have planted it in the ground, We can protect it from low temperatures by putting a padding of pine bark, volcanic clay or even decorative stones.

Treat it with natural insecticides

To prevent the appearance of pests in spring, a very good trick is to do preventive treatments with potassium soap. In this way, aphids, The mealybugs and other parasites will have a more difficult time affecting fruit trees.

Do you already know how to take care of your fruit trees in autumn? If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask.

How to care for fruit trees in autumn

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