How to drive away mice?

Mouse eating

mouse eating

Mice are animals that tend to cause fear in some people, and things get complicated when they tell you that they have quite large litters. In this situation, anything is done to avoid having them around.

However, using chemicals is not only dangerous for the environment, but it can also be dangerous for us, so let’s know how to drive away mice of natural form.

Have a cat or dog

Cat in garden

cat in garden

If you like animals and have time to take care of them, apart from enjoying the company and affection of these incredible and amazing furry animals, you won’t have to worry about rodents anymoreespecially if you opt for a cat, although you should know that dogs are also excellent hunters .

In the blogs of Noti Cats y World Dogs you will find all the information you need about these animals.

Place nests for birds

Nest boxes for birds

Bird nesting boxes

Another way to get rid of mice is to get (or build) a nest or aviary for birds. Of course, they do not have to have protruding nails, otherwise they could hurt themselves. Once you have it, place them as high as you canin a tree for example.

It may take time to get a bird to come, but in the end you will see how it will be worth it .

Catch the mice

Trap to capture live mice

Trap to capture live mice

Today you can get traps that will allow you to free the mouse. The most common is a cage from which they can enter but not exit. As soon as you catch one, take it at a distance of at least 1,60 kilometers from your home so that it doesn’t reappear.

Grow mint

Mentha x piperita plant

Plant of Mentha x piperita

The smell of peppermint is too strong for rodentswhich will not even try to get close to it. So don’t hesitate to grow a few plants so that they no longer go to your garden.

Do you know other ways to scare away mice?

How to drive away mice?

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