How to drive away pigeons in your garden or orchard

pigeons in the garden

Pigeons can become a problem for your garden or vegetable garden. Nevertheless, we must not do any kind of harm to them, since they only look for food and more natural environments.

The big problem is how much pigeons make nests near your house or in the same house. That is when you should call a specialist to solve the problem. Do you want to know how to scare away pigeons?

Pigeons and their impacts

Pigeons in gardens can cause damage to furniture you have such as chairs, tables, fountains, height, etc. Excrement is what you have to take into account the most if you have a garden, since they contain bacteria and fungi that are potentially dangerous for humans.

To scare away pigeons and prevent them from being in your garden you must do the following:

Create barriers

You can build a line of anti-bird nails or made of cement and broken glass. This type of barriers will prevent them from perching on roofs, walls, etc.

Use sticky chemicals

These chemicals are not harmful to them, only uncomfortable and make them not land in certain places.

Use a figure of a fake predator to scare them

scare pigeons

scares pigeons

This is a short term solution. You can make it by hand or buy it. Cut out the material simulating the figure of an owl, for example, and cut out the eyes. In these holes we can put something shiny. The eyes are the most important thing for pigeons to associate with a predator.

Spread spices around the garden

Use cayenne, cinnamon or pepper and spread it around the garden, it will make them not feel comfortable and they will not go.

Scare the pigeons

Scare the birds away without hurting them. You can spray them with water from a hose, go after them, etc. You can also use small firecrackers, but you shouldn’t hit them directly. With the simple noise they will fly off.

Use reflectors

use cds to scare pigeons

use cds to scare pigeons

Use CDs to reflect the light to the pigeons and hinder their flight near your garden.

Finally you should know that, obviously, do not feed the pigeons, since they will come to repeat. With these tips you should be able to get rid of them.

How to drive away pigeons in your garden or orchard

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