How to dry a tree with bleach?

It is possible to dry a tree with bleach

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Sometimes we have no choice but to remove a tree from the garden, either because it turns out to have aggressive roots and is causing us problems, or because it has grown so much that it poses a danger to those who are going to enjoy the place. Although the ideal is to avoid reaching this situation by informing yourself beforehand about the characteristics and needs of the plant that we want to plant in the ground, it is not uncommon for the need to remove it at a given moment to arise.

Therefore, we are going to explain how to dry a tree with bleacha cleaning product that all or practically all of us have at home, and that is very easy to get in any supermarket.

Ways to kill a tree with bleach

Bleach It is a product that greatly increases the pH, something that the vast majority of plants do not support.. And it is that its pH is 12, a value too high for many trees to survive. Therefore, it is a very effective remedy to eliminate them quickly. But how do you do it?

There are two ways:

  • With a chainsaw, cut under the branches. Later, moisten the stump with bleach. For a better guarantee of success, you can drill into the stump with a drill. This way the product will enter faster.
  • If you prefer, use a drill to make a hole in the trunk that reaches more or less to the center of it. And then, with a syringe, you introduce the bleach.

It is very important to wear rubber glovessuch as those used to wash dishes for example, since bleach is corrosive and could cause, at a minimum, irritation and redness. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of cloth gloves, or any other non-waterproof material, when using this product.

What happens if you pour bleach on a tree?

You can dry a tree quickly

You can dry a tree quickly

Bleach is a powerful disinfectant, but it is also an excellent herbicide. As we mentioned before, its pH is so high that, when it comes into contact with the plant, it is easy for it to be eliminated. But you have to be very careful, because not only will it kill the tree, but it will also prevent anything from growing in its place for a while.

Therefore, Bleach should never be used in areas where we want plants to growsince otherwise we would have to wait about a month before growing anything in those places. In addition, it should not be applied on days when it is going to rain or when the wind is blowing strongly, since doing so would lead to health risks.

Be careful when using bleach as a herbicide

Bleach will help you dry a tree, but you have to keep in mind that it is a product that, if not used properly, can be very dangerous. In fact, if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes we have to wash it well with cold water and soap, and then go to the doctor if symptoms do not improve.

Likewise, it is very important that it is not mixed with other products such as chlorine, since doing so would produce toxic gases. Never do experiments without knowing what you are doing. The bleach by itself will kill the tree; we don’t need to mix it with anything.

It is advisable to wear old clothes when applying the bleachsince if a drop falls it will leave a white stain which cannot be removed, unless the piece is taken to a dry cleaner of course. But to do these things, it is preferable to wear something that we do not mind staining.

And finally, let me tell you that there are other ways to dry trees, like the ones we explain below.

Alternatives to Bleach to Dry Trees Safely

How to dry a treehow to dry a tree

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How to dry a tree?

There are different ways to dry a tree, such as:

With Epson salt

Epson salt is a product that will help you kill the tree, although you will have to be patient. Make a few holes 20 centimeters deep in the trunk with a drill, and fill them with this type of salt. Afterward, she seals the holes with wax.

with a chainsaw

You can cut down a tree with a chainsaw

You can cut down a tree with a chainsaw

La chainsaw It is a very useful tool for pruning, but also for cutting trees. In addition, you must bear in mind that there is a wide variety of tree species that do not sprout easily from the trunk, except for some such as eucalyptus, tipuana, acacia or albizia. So do not hesitate to cut the branches first and then the trunk. If you leave the stump, you can turn it into a nice chair or other decorative object.

As you have seen, it is possible to eliminate trees with bleach, but also with other products. We hope that what we have told you here has been useful to you.

How to dry a tree with bleach?

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