How to form the trunk of a bonsai

beautiful maple bonsai

Bonsai are trees that, when grown on a tray, manage to take us to the wildest nature, where the wind and the earth determine the growth of the plants. Often in forests and jungles, we can find species that are slightly shorter or with a more or less dense crown than they should be.

These species end up being the best sources of inspiration for all of us who want a beautiful miniature tree. And also, by observing them, we will learn how to form the trunk of a bonsai, since it is easy for ideas to arise through these wonderful plants. But, How to define the style of our tree? Through the technique of wiring.

How to wire a bonsai?

Choosing the right wire

The wiring technique is the most recommended to shape the trunk of our bonsai, but it is also one of the complicated ones. It is very important that it is done in spring and that the distance between the turns is exactly the same so that, first, it does not cause damage to the tree, and second, so that it does not lose its aesthetics too much. How is it done?

Well first of all you have to choose a suitable wire that is more or less flexible and has the correct thickness. In hardware stores, as well as in bonsai stores, we will find two types of wire: anodized aluminum and annealed copper. If we are beginners, the aluminum one is much better, as it is much easier to work with. But, regardless of which one we use, we will see that there are different thicknesses, ranging from 1 to 8mm. It is not necessary to buy them all: 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 4mm will be more than enough for most jobs.

Wire the bonsai trunk

To wire the trunk, we can use a 4mm wire. We cut a piece of a length that is slightly greater than the trunk plus a third, and we insert the tip of the wire into the substrateon the less showy side of bonsai. This way, it will stay well secured.

Now counterclockwise we place the wire upwards at 45º angles until reaching the beginning of the branches. Once put, we can move the trunk to the position we want, always without forcing it too much.

If necessary, you can add a second wire, in the same way that we have placed the first. To make it easier to roll it, we will put it just below the first wire, and then we will rotate it avoiding that they cross.

How long should the wire be in place?

Bonsai with wire

bonsai with wire

Depends. As usual, evergreens can take about 9 months until finally they acquire the shape we want; the deciduous ones, on the other hand, need 3 to 6 months. In any case, it is very important to check it from time to time so that the wire does not remain marked on the trunk, since otherwise it would be very difficult to hide it.

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How to form the trunk of a bonsai

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