How to grow lamb’s lettuce, properties and benefits

canonical propertiesThe possibility of power grow lamb’s lettucefor people who have gardens in their homes it can represent a great difficulty. In this way it can be said that if the plants are capable of being in the best climatic conditions, they will be able to provide us with a large number of leaves and of which we can consume raw preparing a delicious salad.

Although these canon plants can be found in areas with a temperate climate, it must be borne in mind that we must work with them in periods in which quite hot temperatures have totally decreased or at least not so hot. It is recommended that we can start sow our lamb’s lettuce plants in the last months of the summer seasonso that we have the possibility of having a good harvest in the autumn and winter seasons, so we can say that this type of plant likes cool climates a lot.

Care that canons need

grow canons

cultivar canonigosThe care that the soil where we are going to plant our lambs needs to have is quite easy, they have to have good drainagebe sufficiently humid and sufficiently ventilated.

It is recommended that the soil be removed a little before the plants can be sown, eliminating any type of plants that may interfere with the growth of our lamb’s lettuce plants, so to sow, we must do it directly from its seeds like many of the plants. We can plant them in a row, in addition to this we have to separate the seeds about 10 cm approximately when placing the next one, we even recommend soaking the seeds a couple of days before sowing them, this can be of great help for their germination.

A month and a half after having sown our canon seeds, we can begin with the collection of the leaves of our plants at the beginning of the spring season.

This collection we have to do before the plants start to produce flowerssince once this happens, the leaves can no longer be consumed because the flavor they have after this is somewhat unpleasant, so in order for us to harvest the lamb’s lettuce plants, we need to cut the plant from the base.

canon benefits

canonical benefitsThe necessary care that this type of plant requires are quite easy really. When watering them, we have to do it in a moderate way but it has to be done every day so that the soil can be kept sufficiently moist.

Of course we have to prevent excess water produce puddles, as this can cause the plant to rot in the root part and when weeds appear around our plants we have to remove them.

If we have already collected the leaves of our lamb’s lettuce plants, we can keep them in the refrigerator for three days. The taste of these leaves is a bit acidic and has a rather familiar aroma to that of walnuts.

Properties and benefits of canons

These canon plants have vitamins A, C, B6 and vitamin E among their properties, in turn also has a high content of carotenesiron, potassium, folic acid and calcium.

The great importance of the presence of iron in the canon plant, gives it the possibility of being able to become one of the plants that can be recommended for the diet of those people who have problems of lack of iron in the blood and also it is a good treatment for diseases such as anemia.

How to grow lamb’s lettuce, properties and benefits

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