Fruit of the Carica papaya

Papaya is a plant native to Central America with high ornamental and culinary value. And if the conditions are right, it can start to bear fruit the same year it was sown, which is very interesting.

But for that to happen it is very important to know how to grow papaya; that is, when to make the seedbed and how to maintain it until it germinates. So if you are interested in starting to grow it, follow our advice .

When is it sown?

Papaya, whose scientific name is Upload papayaIt is a plant that needs a warm climate without frost in order to live. But also, so that it can germinate well it is important that it receives heat. Therefore, if we take all this into account, what we will do is sow it in mid / late spring, when the temperature is around 20-22ºC.

We can also do it before, or after in autumn if we have an electric germinator and a heated greenhouse or a warm room in which a lot of natural light enters.

How is it sown?

Seedling of Carica papaya

Carica papaya seedling

Now that we know when to prepare the seedbed, Let’s see what steps we must follow to have our papaya plant:

  1. The first thing to do is put the seed in a glass of water for 24 hours to hydrate.
  2. Then, we will fill the seedbed -pot, seedling tray, germinator,… – with universal culture substrate mixed with 30% perlite.
  3. Then, we water conscientiously but avoiding waterlogging.
  4. Next, we place the seed in the center and cover it with a thin layer of substrate.
  5. Finally, we sprinkle with copper or sulfur to avoid the appearance of fungi, and we water again, this time with a sprayer.

Thus, keeping the seedbed moist and at a comfortable temperature, will germinate in 1-2 months.

Easy right? Enjoy your new plant!