homemade pinwheel

homemade pinwheel

Our garden has infinite possibilities for decoration. We can also devise devices that give us some utility to improve the environment of our orchard or garden.

Today we are going to talk about pinwheels for the garden or orchard. How useful is it and how can we design one from recycled elements?

Uses of the pinwheel in gardens and orchards

When we use a pinwheel in our garden, it generates a movement that transmits vibrations to the ground. These vibrations produce an annoying noise for animals such as rodents, moles and birds. In this way we can prevent animals from destroying our crops, or therefore, from eating the flowers in our garden.

Horizontal mills also function as weather vanes. So we can know what the direction of the wind is.

Building a homemade pinwheel

garden pinwheel

garden windmill

We use water and milk bottles, some beer cans and you can even use a bicycle wheel.

A model of grinder will be to use a bottle and a few DVDs. They are cut in half and joined using glue or hot melt plastic. To insert the DVDs in the bottles, vertical holes are made in them and, in this way, it will be able to turn.

Another model of grinder that can be made is the vertical one. It involves using two bottles from which the bottom is previously removed. The bottles are joined together to make a bottle with two spouts and two stoppers. Once we have the bottles attached, we will make holes in one of them to join three bottle bottoms laterally that are oriented in the same direction.

The pinwheels can be an option to decorate our garden and useful for our garden chasing away possible animals that destroy our crops and our plants and flowers.