How to make the garden smell good?

The garden can smell good

Bad smells in a garden can make our stay in it much shorter than we would like. That’s right. Nobody likes to sit for example, enjoying reading a good book, and suddenly feel that the wind has brought a most unpleasant aroma to our noses.

There’s a solution? Fortunately, yes. Even in the worst case, there is always something we can do. So do not hesitate to write down these tricks to make the garden smell good.

Look for the source of the bad smell

Find the source of the bad smell in your garden

Find the source of the bad smell in your garden

This is basic, but important. It is the first thing to do when the garden does not smell good. But of course, what causes a bad smell? Well, there are several things: animal droppings and urine, standing water, garbage… and even if you live in a rural area (in cities it does not usually happen) or you have a very large garden there may be a recently deceased animal.

Animal Businesses

If you have dogs and / or cats that go to your garden, it is necessary that you remove their excrement, and also if you can the urinesince in the long run they damage the earth, especially the urine of the felines, which is very concentrated. Be careful: animals and gardens are perfectly compatible, but it doesn’t hurt to protect plants from their residues.

In case you already do but it still smells bad, do not rule out taking a look in case some furry has gone to your garden to die. It is something that stray cats do a lot: they look for a quiet and safe place, next to a tree or even inside a large bucket (no kidding: one of my ‘gardener’ cats got into a bucket of paint, the big ones , to die there).

You can remove his corpse yourself if you feel strong (both physical and, above all, emotional), or ask someone to do it. Then, you can choose to bury it in your lot, or contact the authorities to take it away.

Stagnant water

Stagnant water can smell bad

Stagnant water can stink

Stagnant water is one of the worst things that can be in a garden, except of course for fountains and ponds . But you have to be careful: if the weather is mild and / or warm, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes… and if the bad smell that this water gives off is already horrible, things get worse if there are a lot of mosquitoes that will not leave you alone as soon as you set foot in the garden.

Therefore, you have to remove that stagnant water. If it is in buckets, sources, or in any other similar place, it will be removed and then cleaned, thoroughly, with a little dishwasher.


After a lunch or dinner, you have to take everything inside the house to clean and / or throw it away. However, if the remains are vegetables, that is, the skin of some fruit, the few potatoes that have remained,… etc., we may have the tendency to throw it on the ground, as we fertilize it.

It is so. But especially during the summer it is not advisable to leave the leftovers there, out in the open. So you have to clean the garden from time to time.

Plant some plants that smell good

It is very interesting to put plants that produce flowers with a pleasant aroma. You are also they are beautiful, and very easy to care for. You can make this a family project and teach your children, nephews, and / or grandchildren to plant and care for plants.

While you do it, you will get a garden that smells much better.

8 plants with a pleasant aroma

We’ve compiled a list of eight amazing scented plants to make any garden smell really, really good:


Wisteria or wisteria is a deciduous shrub

Wisteria or wisteria is a deciduous shrub

The Wisteria are deciduous climbing plants large, ideal for walls, walls, and large lattices. They produce scented hanging flowers in spring.


The rose bush blooms throughout the year

The rose bush blooms throughout the year.

The roses are shrubs, some climberswhich are grown for the beauty of their flowers. There are many cultivars that produce flowers with a sweet aroma for much of the year.

Hyacinth Hyacinths are bulboushyacinths are bulbous

The hyacinths are bulbous that bloom in spring. Plant the bulb in the fall, and you can enjoy its pleasant scent after a few months.


Gardenia is an evergreen shrub

The gardenia is an evergreen shrub.

The gardenias are evergreen shrubs or saplings characterized by producing white flowers with a very pleasant aroma in spring.

Using (Common syringe)

The lilac is a deciduous tree

The lilac is a deciduous tree

The lily or common lilac is a small tree or large deciduous shrub which produces normally lilac flowers, but can be white and scented during spring.


Phlox are very showy flowers

Phlox are very showy flowers

The Phlox are annual or perennial plants whose flowers, which sprout in spring, summer or autumn depending on the species, are of colors that go from the pale blue to the brilliant red and white.

Chocolate flower (Cosmos atrosanguineus)

The chocolate flower is red

The chocolate flower is red

The chocolate flower is a perennial herb It is low in height and produces dark red to dark brown flowers, which give off a delicate aroma of chocolate.

Heliotrope (Heliotropium)

Heliotrope is a herbHeliotrope is a herb

Image – Wikimedia / Bernard DUPONT

The heliotropes they are plants they can be annual or perennial herbsor sometimes shrubs depending on the species, which produce fragrant pink, bluish, or mauve flowers in spring.

We hope that, now, you can be in your garden and enjoy it to the fullest .

How to make the garden smell good?

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