How to Plant a Holly: Top Tips and Tricks

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The holly is a protected species today than most of Europe. It is a large shrub that requires cooler regions to grow properly. One of its most attractive features is its evergreen foliage and in winter it gives beautiful red fences. many people wonder how to plant a holly

For this reason, in this article we are going to tell you about the conditions to be able to learn how to plant a holly so that it can grow correctly.

How to plant a holly

how to plant a holly step by step

how to plant a holly step by step

Growing holly requires consideration of many more details than just how to properly transplant the plant. Although it is a rural species with little demand, much of the future well-being of our plant depends on where and how it is grown. So there is nothing to take a pot home and transplant it without thinking. With holly, as with many other plants, we have to be more cautious.

Planting holly is a great way to appreciate the beautiful evergreen shrubs that turn brilliant color during the holiday season. Do not worry, because growing it well does not mean having extensive knowledge of gardening or mastery of advanced techniques. It is enough to have a good understanding of what this shrub needs and put it into practice when planting.

We are going to see what are the fundamental aspects to learn how to plant a holly.

Soil depth

As we said before, the holly can reach spectacular sizes. However, to achieve this, it needs to be able to spread its roots downward without encountering resistance to growth. Therefore, Before planting, we must make sure that the place where we plant is deep enough.

It is also important that when we prepare the planting space, we use the root ball to dig a hole that is larger than the size of the plant. In this way we will encourage the roots to find loose soil to be able to establish themselves without problems.

shaded location

Holly is one of those quintessential hardy shrubs that doesn’t have a problem even in extreme temperatures. However, does not have the same resistance to high temperatures. What’s more, direct and intense sunlight typical of the warmer months is one of its archenemies.

For this reason, and in consideration of your health, it is essential to find a semi-shaded or even shaded place. If a nearby tree or bush shields you from the sun, it doesn’t hurt either.

Holly planting time

Another key detail for its correct development. Despite his modest nature, holly is a shrub that takes a beating from transplanting. To do this, we not only plan the planting location, but also take into account the optimal time.

To prevent our holly from transplanting, the ideal time to plant holly is towards the end of winter. On the one hand, you will get the cold that you need for your health, on the other hand, it will be a time of growth. If for some reason we can’t wait until then, another option is to plant holly in the fall. If you do it right now, our plants may lose their leaves. Our holly will likely grow back without a problem.

Fresh and slightly acidic soil

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons it’s not thriving. When we consider growing holly, we must pay attention to the type of soil in which it will be grown, for two fundamental reasons. The first thing is that it needs a slightly acid soil.

Beyond that, there’s another reason to be careful where you plant. Holly needs cool, loose, well-drained soil. Therefore, it is essential to check that the land meets these three very specific requirements before planting it directly into the ground. And, although it is not very demanding in nutrients, it does not hurt to enrich the soil with organic amendments such as mulch.

How to plant a holly in pots

how to plant a holly

how to plant a holly

Logically in a pot it will not develop as if it were planted directly in the groundbut we can enjoy a bush of medium size and great beauty.

Along with the same considerations as planting in the ground, there is one more detail that we must evaluate: the size of the pot. If we want our holly to grow as it should, it has to be the right size. Only then can it develop properly and take root.

What if it grows a lot and the pot is too small? Well, although this plant is not a fan of transplanting, it can be done. Replacing it with a large pot with an acid substrate and good drainage is enough.

Necessary care

holly reproduction

holly reproduction

Hollies are slow-growing plants that are easy to care for. If you want Christmas berries, these are produced on female plants from late fall through mid-winter. to get them, you need a male and a female plant to ensure cross-pollination, so always have both. You can tell the male and female holly trees apart by their flowers: the male flowers have more prominent stamens. However, keep in mind that eating these berries can be harmful and they are for decoration only.

Prune the holly to your needs. They respond well to pruning and can be trimmed back into various shapes as formal hedges or kept in a freer form. Pruning should be done in late summer, before new growth becomes woody.

Water newly planted hollies as needed to keep the soil slightly moist. Don’t let the soil get soggy, however, as wet soil will rot the roots. After the first year, the holly will benefit from dry summer watering as long as natural precipitation is less than 3 inches per week.

Generally, you do not need a subscriber. However, if the soil is poor or growth is poor, fertilize in the spring and fall with a fertilizer formulated for evergreens and other acidic plants.

As you can see, this type of tree is usually easy to plant when someone takes into account some aspects, since they are crucial for its development and growth. I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to plant a holly and what care it needs.

How to Plant a Holly: Top Tips and Tricks

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