How to protect plants from cats

cat in garden

If you live with cats, or if from time to time you have one in your garden or patio, you may have found pots or dirt on the ground from time to time. This, although it is a behavior that can get to bother you a lot, in reality it has a very easy solution.

You do not believe me? Well, if so, I invite you to continue reading. So I’ll tell you how to protect plants from catsrespecting both one and the other.

Natural repellants for cats

Citrus scent

Cut orange

cut orange

Cats do not like the smell of citrus at all (oranges, lemons, etc.). Squeeze two or three fruits and moisten several pieces of cotton and then put them on the ground. You can even moisten the pot with the juice.

Red pepper

Another thing they don’t like is the taste of red pepper. You can sprinkle it directly on the soil or dilute it in water and then spray around the plants (not on the leaves or stems). They sure don’t get any closer to her .

Give animals their place

Nepeta Qatar

Nepeta cataria

If these cats are yours, we advise you to give them their own plants and to reserve a space for them. Give him cat grass, and put a bed and his feeder nearby. In order not to find surprises where you should not, you can also put a litter tray; this way he will relieve himself in it and not in the garden.

Protection barriers for plants

If you need a remedy that is really effective from day one, the most advisable thing is that you put wire mesh (grid), blocks, cubes, or any other object that prevents the cat from approaching your pots. If you have problems in the garden, wrap them with wire mesh and keep it attached to a stake.

Sunflower and black cat

Sunflower and black cat

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How to protect plants from cats

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