How to prune a fig tree

plant fig tree in gardenThe most suitable occasion in which we must prune a fig treeis in the last months of the winter seasonwhich is when the cold temperatures have already dropped and also long before the plants begin to flower.

The banyan tree it is a plant that cannot tolerate soils that are acidic, for this reason we have to choose the most suitable terrain so we can plant our tree.

Fig tree with figs

fig tree with figsApart from this, we must bear in mind that the moment the figs come out, a lots of them will end up on the groundThis is because fig trees are plants that produce a large amount of fruit, so the amount of figs that they can produce is a lot at the time when the plant blooms, which are in the spring and summer seasons.

This is one of the reasons that the fig tree It is not a tree that we should plant near the door of our house or in an area where people can pass, especially if we want that place keep cleansince there are many fruits on the ground we can always step on them. If you are one of those people who has a fig tree at home and you want to keep it in the best conditions, in this article we give you the necessary information to know how to prune a fig tree.

The first thing we have to do if we want to prune our fig treeis to start with clean the area where the roots are. In the surroundings of our fig tree any type of plants can grow and also weeds who try to take advantage of the water when we water the fig tree and to have food, so it is very necessary that we remove them.

We have to make sure that all that area is clean enough, removing all the weeds that grow around the trunk of the tree and of course removing the stems from any other plant using the special garden scissors.

A very important tip is that we have to protect our handsso we must use gloves so that an accident does not happen, of course, these gloves have to be special for gardening.

After cleaning, we continue pruning the entire lower area of ​​our fig treewe cut from the base all those branches that grow from the trunkbut from the underside of the top of the fig tree. In this way, we repeat the same process but with those branches that have a crooked shape or they are turned, which are the ones that we see that instead of growing in the direction of the sunlight, they will do it but down or sideways.

Of course, it is very important to remember that branches that are dry or rotten along the entire tree they must be removed, being the best thing to do is advance in parts, that is, that the fig tree it is a plant that we have to prune starting with the roots until we can get to the top of the tree.

Fig tree

Fig treeThose branches that we see that are crossed in the part of the crown and of course in the whole tree, we have to prune them. So that we can clean a fig treeit is important that we make sure that the sunlight can pass through the leaves and branches of the crown, so that in this way all can get enough light to be able to feed. It is important to note that the crossed branches are the ones that grow towards the inside of the crown.

To prune the inside of the glass of our fig tree we have to climb the tree, we can say that our mission is that sunlight can reach all parts of our tree. For this we can climb the tree or use a ladder, then we go cutting branch by branch very carefully.

So that the figs can come out in a uniform way Throughout the fig tree, we stand on the ground and observe the shape it has. We have to make sure that neither side sticks out more than the otherthat is, we have to ensure that the entire shape is equal and balanced.

How to prune a fig tree

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