Ideas and tools that save water in your garden

tools to save waterThe reduction of green areas it is usually one of the main aspects caused by multiple days of drought, violent storms, empty tanks and many other traumatic consequences for this planet.

If you are one of the people who love plants and nature In general, we invite you to review the following tools that allow you to save water and use it in a responsible way not only in the garden, but also inside the home.

Tools to save water in your garden

useful garden utensilsuseful garden utensiliosDrip nozzle

Is one of the watering tools to save water in your garden Simpler and cheaper than you can find, ideal for both medium and small glasses.

It is very simple, you must screw a PET bottle into the mouth of this nozzle alreadyadjust speed with which the water will fall through a small thread. In the case of larger glasses, a 2-liter PET is used or several drippers are placed around it.

Self-irrigating vessel

Comes in 3 sizes and different colorsIt has a tank at the bottom through which the plant receives the water it needs. At the time of refueling, the water is usually put through a tube that is located near the edge.

In the case of larger models, it is possible that these have enough water to water the plants in the garden for approximately 2 weeks, depending on the type of plants being grown. This tool it is very practical for orchardswhere vegetables have mainly been grown, since they tend to dehydrate in a short time.

Irrigation with timer

Those people who have a garden that has more than 100 square meters, are aware that it is impossible to water the entire extension of the land without the help of a system that is responsible for distributing the water evenly.

For this reason, and in order to automate this process, the most recommended is a timer; It is possible to find different models, although all of them offer the required programming, such as how many times to water and for how long.

This tool is excellent for both weeds and outdoor areaswhich already have an irrigation system.

Micro-irrigation kit

This is a very fast installation system and does not require the help of a professional, a kit that has 24 drippers and is easy to usesince it must be connected to the water outlet point from which the garden plants are supplied, to water them slowly.

This kit is ideal for container gardens, homes with balconies and small areas.

Tips to save water in your garden

To water

To water

  • Collecting the rain water through pots, buckets, PET bottles, etc., since rainwater is used both for plants and for cleaning.
  • The water in the container where you soak food or wash vegetables has some nutrients, so it is recommended that you use it for your garden.
  • Reduce the amount of fabric softener and soap powder that you use when washing clothes, since without many products, that water could be used for the flower beds.
  • It keeps the soil cool and well bulged, for that the organic compound It is an excellent alternative, since it allows the soil to retain water without drowning the roots of the plants.
  • Move your plants aside during the morning or at nightfall, never during hours with a lot of sun, since apart from burning the roots, the sun tends to increase water loss that the leaves suffer.
  • Never leave the soil exposed when planting flowers and potted plants, you must plant or cover them with some stones, pieces of grass, pine barketc., since exposed soil often loses not only water, but also nutrients.

Ideas and tools that save water in your garden

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