Main diseases that affect rose bushes

rose bushes and their diseases

For all plants there are a large number of threats that can kill them. From pests to diseases. Today we are going to talk about the diseases that can attack rose bushes.

Surely we all like roses and many decide to plant rose bushes at home and then give them away. However, we must be careful, since our roses can be threatened by many kinds of diseases. Do you want to know what you are up against?


rust disease

rust disease

It is a fungus that can attack our roses and is one of the most important and common. For it to develop, it is enough to have more or less mild temperatures and high humidity. It usually appears after long periods of abundant rains.

The ease with this disease is that it is identified very quickly. You only have to look if there are any orange bumps and in the beam some small yellow spots.

Powdery mildew

powdery mildew disease in rose bushes

powdery mildew disease in rose bushes

This is another type of fungus that attacks roses. To identify it, you have to look at the some white spots at the same time that a grayish-white dust is formed. It is thanks to this powder that these fungi are easier to detect.

Normally they spread through the upper part of the leaves, although if not treated in time, they can advance through the stem and fruits. Because its presence is in the beam of the leaf hinders the rate of photosynthesissince not all the surface of the leaf has direct contact with the sun.

The conditions for powdery mildew to reproduce are high temperatures and high humidity. If it is not treated in time, the leaves turn yellow and dry.

marssonina on rose leaves

marssonina on the leaves of rose bushes

It is also known as black spot, since manifests as round black spots on the leaves. The conditions for this disease are mild temperatures and the presence of water, since it is spread by rain splashes. If it is not treated in time, the leaves fall off.

With this information you can detect which diseases are attacking your rose bushes.

Main diseases that affect rose bushes

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