Potassium nitrate, a powerful fertilizer for plants

Potassium nitrate

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As important as having a constant supply of water is being able to have the necessary nutrients to be able to grow and develop normally. For the plants to be healthy and strong, it is very important to always keep this in mind, otherwise over time they will weaken and spoil.

One of the most interesting organic fertilizers is potassium nitratesince it is not only composed of the two macronutrients (nitrogen, in addition to potassium) that plants need the most, but also its effectiveness is very fast.

Plants need, above all, three macronutrients: nitrogenwhich is responsible above all for growth, the matchresponsible for root development and flowering, and the potassiumwhich is what improves the absorption of water and other nutrients by the roots, in addition to improving the quality of the fruits. Of these three, if there was one that was more important, it would be potassium, why? Because in addition to the above, it is involved in more than 50 enzymatic processes.

Without him, plants could not breathe, or photosynthesize, or withstand frost or hail. Therefore, when we dedicate ourselves to cultivating a vegetable garden, or even a garden, it is important that we fertilize them with fertilizers rich in this nutrient, potassium nitrate being especially recommended.

This is a fertilizer that, as its name indicates, it has a nitrogen part and a potassium part. It is, therefore, a binary fertilizer whose proportion is 13-0-46; that is, 13 nitrogen units, 0 phosphorus units, and 46 nitrogen units. What dose do we have to apply to the plants? The exact dose will be indicated on the bag, but to get an idea we can know that the most recommended are:

  • Fruit trees (including citrus): 250-350kg / ha
  • Horticultural: 200-500kg / ha
  • Olive: 175-200kg / ha
  • At: 200-300kg / ha

Ficus benjamina leaves

Ficus benjamina leaves

What did you think of this fertilizer? Do you use it with your plants?

Potassium nitrate, a powerful fertilizer for plants

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