Rainbow plants, the new fake products to sell more

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If from time to time you like to buy seeds online, it is likely that you have seen ads for sellers that offer seeds of supposed rainbow plants, or very bright colors. We are not going to deny it: they are precious…, but they would be more so if they were real.

The sad reality is that today you do anything to get money, and that includes fooling people. So that they do not do the same to you, we are going to explain why those rainbow and / or brightly colored plants are fake.

The predominant colors of nature

View of the laurel forestView of the laurisilva

Image – Wikimedia / Tracker

You don’t have to go far to take a look at the field, forest, or even a garden. In any of these places we can realize that the colors that predominate are the different shades of green, brown, and in the case of plants that change color in autumn also red, orange or yellow. And yes, there are varieties that are variegated or even tricolor, but they are very rare; and in fact, you see more cultivars (that is, man-made varieties) than in nature itself.

Why? By photosynthesis. For the plants to be alive they need to do it every day. What does it consist of? Basically, in transforming the sun’s energy absorbed by the pores of the leaves, into organic matter that will serve as food. And they do that thanks to chlorophyll, which is the green pigment. Green, the color that is most seen when we go to a nursery, a garden, or an orchard.

Yes, gentlemen, yes. Green, and not rainbow.

The rainbow eucalyptus, the only exception


Eucalyptus deglupta, perfect for tropical and subtropical gardens.

In the tropical and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere, we find the only tree – actually, the only plant ever discovered – natural that can be called a rainbow. Its scientific name is Eucalyptusand It is a tree that reaches a height of up to 75 meters.

It is not that it has multicolored leaves – it has green ones – but its bark does have green, reddish, yellowish and bluish spotscolors that its inner bark acquires when exposed.

Why shouldn’t you buy rainbow plants or plants that are too brightly colored?

The short answer is: because they do not exist. The seeds that we buy, in the case of germination, will not grow as rainbows, but will have the colors they should have. For example, if we buy seeds from a supposed Echeveria elegans that they sell to us as if it were yellow, if they germinate we will see that their leaves will be blue:

Echeveria elegans is a very pretty succulent

The Echeveria elegans is a very pretty succulent

That is its natural color, and it will not change overnight. But… If you have a good camera or know how to use design programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, it will not be difficult for you to put the color you wantsince you only have to select the plant and change it, and you don’t even have to modify the background colors.

Are rainbow roses fake then?

Rainbow rose

rainbow rose

They are false in the sense that we will not see them in nature. But I do eat cut flowers. For that, what is done is to cut a white rose, divide its lower end into 2 to 4 parts, and then introduce each of these parts into containers that will have a couple of drops of a colorant.

You have more information about the deception of multicolored roses and other colors here!.


Today anyone can take a photo of a plant, or even take it from any web page, and do whatever they want with it. Change the color and say that it is a new species, however, it is something that should be prohibited I thinkWell, you can’t play with money or people’s illusions.

It has happened to all of us to see an image of one that has caught our attention, and we may even have entered that ad and bought the seeds. But in order not to have expenses of that type, the best thing we can do is consult .

Rainbow plants, the new fake products to sell more

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