The best gardening books for beginners and experts

There are many interesting gardening books

Do you like to read? The truth is that in order to understand plants and know how to take care of them, it is very interesting to learn about them, since once you know the theory, it will be much easier to put all that knowledge into practice. Thus, you can enjoy a much greener and healthier garden, orchard and/or balcony.

Nowadays, many gardening books are published, so it is relatively easy to know more about plants every day. But, which are the most recommended?

Top 1. The best gardening book


  • Teaches you how to take care of plants in a simple way
  • Show examples of which are the most recommended to have at home
  • You will learn the best tricks to get them to grow and flourish


  • If you already have experience taking care of plants and/or you are a collector, this book will not help you.
  • The price can be high

Selection of gardening books

If you would like to know more about plants, learn how to water and fertilize them, or even design your own garden, here is our selection of gardening and landscaping books:

Bonsai: The Beginner’s Guide To Cultivating, Growing, Shaping And Showing Off Your Tree

Bonsai are trees that, thanks to pruning and a series of care, are kept in trays. They are plants that can take a lot of work, but We trust that with this book it will be easy for you to know when to water them, fertilize them, prune them and much, much more.

Abc Of The Garden Step By Step

Is it possible to enjoy the taste of vegetables as before? Of course you do, and with this book you will see how you can do it too. You will learn to grow a wide variety of plantssince it also includes several illustrations so that it is very easy for you to know everything about them.

Cacti and other succulent plants

Succulent plants, i.e. cacti and succulents, are so decorative that they are often used to decorate houses and gardens. But, they are not always easy to care for. So, This book explains everything you need to do to keep them healthy throughout the year.

Plants to cure plants

Tired of using chemical products to combat pests on your plants? These products can be very toxic and, therefore, harmful, so if you want to make use of them, get this book which will teach you how to prepare natural remedies with the most common herbs: nettle, dandelion, comfrey, and many more.

Outdoor Spaces: Garden, simple ideas, color, texture, materials

In this book you will find the best ideas to design a garden in any space: balcony, roof terrace, solar… Regardless of how many meters you have available, you can have a perfectly designed place thanks to Ula Maria, who is a designer who, in 2018, was awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Gardening Encyclopedia: Ideas for Growing Just About Anything

A complete and economical encyclopedia that will show you the way to create fantastic projectsbe it an orchard, a garden with ornamental plants, a rockery or a parterre for example. In addition, it includes a chapter on care and maintenance, which covers everything from pruning to the propagation of species or the control of pests and diseases.

Gardening book buying guide

We have seen the most interesting plant and gardening books. But how are they chosen? It is not always easy, although here are some tips to make it less complicated:

Type: encyclopedia or guide?

Generally, gardening books can be classified into two types:

The price of one and the other varies, since the amount of work involved in writing them is different. For this reason, encyclopedias are more expensive than guides.

Which is better? Without a doubt, if what you want is to discover new species, an encyclopedia is much better, but If what you are interested in is learning how to grow and/or care for plants, a guide will be much more useful to you.

Price range

The price is important, since from my own experience I can tell you that the cheapest books usually contain very basic informationwhich I am not saying is wrong, but it is often preferable to spend ten or fifteen euros on a gardening book, and not five euros or less. In any case, before buying anything, it is advisable to seek opinions from other buyers in order to have a clearer idea of ​​which one to choose.

Where to buy?

You can buy gardening books at these places:

The Amazon

On amazon they sell a wide variety of books on plants, gardening and landscapingboth on paper and in ebook format. You can choose the one you prefer, and read the opinions that other buyers have left.

House of the book

At Casa del Libro you will find an interesting variety of plant books, although you have to bear in mind that their catalog is not as extensive as Amazon’s. Yes indeed, they have a lot of experience selling booksboth physical and in ebook format.

Have you found the gardening book you were looking for?

The best gardening books for beginners and experts

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