The best products to eliminate snails and slugs

remove snails and slugs

When you have a garden or orchard, the least you want is for insects to take over your plants, or for them to appear with their leaves bitten off. If you run into this problem, you’re going to want to eliminate snails and slugs, as well as ants and any other insects that threaten your plants.

But what are the most effective products to eliminate snails and slugs? We will tell you below in this guide with the best products on the market.

Top 1. The best product to eliminate snails and slugs


  • Works well in high humidity conditions.
  • It acts both by contact with snails and slugs and by ingestion.
  • It serves for domestic use and in open spaces.
  • It can be added to fruit trees.


  • If you have a large orchard or garden, it can be expensive.
  • Some ants (or other insects) can take the product.
  • The product is not convenient to apply in the next container.

Best products to eliminate snails and slugs

Snail anti-snail bag 250 gr

It is a microgranulated bait type helicide. Will act by contact and ingestion and it is resistant to moisture.

Natural Anticaracoles. Natural protection against snails and slugs. 100% natural ingredients

Made with natural ingredients, it is harmless to humans as well as pets. Withstands humidity and is a natural protection against snail and slug pests.

C&G Home and Garden Organic Plant Protection from Slugs and Snail 500ml | Non-toxic 100% plant-based

Ecological product for slug and snail pests in spray form. It can be used if there are pets, children or wild animals and you have a long-lasting protective barrier.

Snail CaraKol 1 Kg – Eliminates slugs

It keeps any type of gastropod at bay. It’s about a rain and wind resistant granular bait which acts both by contact and by ingestion.

Envii Feed & Fortify – Organic slug repellent that also enhances plant growth and is safe for pets

It is a diatomaceous earth capable of creating a barrier that prevents slugs and snails from approaching. At the same time improves plant development (for the iron silicate).

Buying guide for a product to eliminate snails and slugs

If you have a garden, an orchard or simply pots and you have seen that the leaves are bitten or have detected the presence of snails or slugs, here we give you a buying guide for products that will help you fight against them.

And it is that in the market you will find many different products, which are presented at different prices, types and toxicities.


In the market you can find different types of products to eliminate snails and slugssuch as:

  • Powdered. They are very common because they are placed on the surface of the plants in a very simple way and protect everything around them.
  • Granulated. Similar to the previous ones, its shape in granites that are placed on the ground. They have the advantage that they hold up better on the ground, since they can even be mixed with it to protect both on the surface and inside.
  • Traps. Effective because they attract slugs and snails and ensure that they do not come out.
  • Spray. To spray it on the plants. The main disadvantage is that with the wind or the sun, the product may not last for many hours.
  • Liquid. To be used near plants, mixed with water, in order to eliminate both on the surface and inside the earth.


In general, and unless specified on the packaging, almost all products to eliminate snails and slugs are toxicnot only for these animals, but also for cats, dogs and humans.

Therefore, you have to be very careful when handling and spraying with it. Try to keep children and pets away from the product to avoid an accident.

Price range

The price of products to eliminate snails and slugs is quite varied. Depending on the brand, the type of product, the quantity, etc. you may run into quite a large gap. But these products are from 5-6 euros the most “basic”, while others more for professional use can become quite expensive (in return they are very effective).

How to get rid of an infestation of snails and slugs?

How to get rid of an infestation of snails and slugs?

How to get rid of a plague of snails and slugs?

An infestation of snails and slugs in your garden or in your crops can kill the plants if you do not remedy them. To do it, not only do you have the chemicals, but also home remedies can be used, equal or more effective than those you buy in specialized stores.

Home remedies to eliminate them

If you don’t want to use chemicals in your garden or crop and you need to get rid of slugs and snails, you can opt for home remedies that will do the job.

Among them, we recommend:

  • Take them one by one. Both slugs and snails. Of course, you risk that there is one that is hidden, and that it can be reproduced.
  • With coffee. Neither snails nor slugs tolerate the smell. Therefore, placing coffee grounds or grounds on the ground is very effective. To do this, you just have to make a thin layer with this product, which will also give the plants nutrients.
  • Ash. It is another option that you have, since it serves as a repellent. The problem is that for plants it is not as healthy as you might think.
  • Garlic. Taking a garlic and chopping it and then spreading it on the ground of the plant will be very effective to keep snails and slugs at bay. And also with it the plants will not be damaged.

There are many more home remedies that you can try, especially if the presence of these gastropods still persists with the previous ones.

Why do slugs and snails come out?

The first thing you should know about slugs and snails is that they are not usually seen in broad daylight, but prefer darkness and night to emerge from their hiding places and do their thing. That is why it is in the morning when you discover the damage they may have done in your garden or orchard. But why do they come out?

There are two factors that cause the appearance of these two bugs. One of them is humidity. Both slugs and snails love a humid environment, as well as areas where there is water, since it makes it easier for them to hydrate and / or move around.

The second factor that causes them to appear is a temperature between medium and warm. Here it will depend on several factors, and it is that if the winter has been very cold and windy, it is known that the summer will be calmer since there will be less presence of these animals; and if the summer is very hot and dry, there will be fewer animals left in the fall.

Where to buy

If you prefer to look at more options in addition to the recommendations that we have made, here are some stores that are also interesting for the products they have.

The Amazon

Amazon is, without a doubt, a website where you will find all kinds of products, and, of course, the products to eliminate snails and slugs they are one of them.

Its catalog is wide, although not the same as other products, but you have several brands to try based on what you need.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you can find a section focused on gardening. And in it they have some products to eliminate snails and slugs.

Although they do not have the same catalog as on Amazon (in terms of quantity), the products they sell are usually very sold and in addition to the best known.


Lidl usually brings garden-related products from time to time. In this case, it’s easier for you to find it online, but also in many stores you will have a product to get rid of snails and slugs.

Have you had to deal with these two critters? What product do you recommend to eliminate snails and slugs?

The best products to eliminate snails and slugs

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