The importance of knowing the temperature of the irrigation water

Gardener watering with hose

Often when we go to water, we just fill the watering can or grab the hose and get on with it, but the truth is that it is very important to know the temperature of the irrigation water to avoid problems. And it is that, whether it is too cold or too hot, we could damage them.

Let us know what consequences could be if we water with water that is not at the right temperature.

Effects of watering with hot / cold water

Metal watering can watering a fruit tree

Metal watering can watering a fruit tree

Watering with water that is at a good temperature, that is, that is neither cold nor hot, will help the roots to absorb the nutrients dissolved in the soil without any problem; On the other hand, if said temperature is not adequate, they would immediately weaken.

Cold irrigation water

If it is watered with cold or very cold water, the nutrients dissolve more slowly, so it will be more difficult for the roots to get them. Also, if the temperature is extreme, root shock and intense perspiration could occur in aerial parts (leaves and stems).

Hot irrigation water

If it is too hot (over 30 degrees Celsius), even a cactus will go bad. Increasing the kinetic energy of molecules it would cause an increase in the speed of the chemical reactions that take place in the plantwhich could lead to collapse.

This means that while at the beginning we might see them grow faster, in the end there would come a time when they would run out of powertheir health would deteriorate and pests would attack them. In addition, the higher the temperature, the lower the oxygen concentration and, therefore, the feeding capacity of the plants would be reduced.

What is the right temperature?

Hose watering plants

hose watering the plants

Although each type of plant has its needs, you don’t really need to get too complicated. As long as the temperature oscillates between 20 and 25ºC, the optimum being 23ºC, there will be no problem in watering with that water as it will maintain the optimal oxygen concentration. During the winter, if it gets too cold, we can fill a container with water and put it to heat a little in the microwave.

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The importance of knowing the temperature of the irrigation water

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