Types of fertilizer for the earth

Organic compost on the ground

Organic fertilizer on the ground

If we want to have a garden that complies with the three B, that is, that is good, beautiful and cheap, one of the most important things we have to do is Take care of the earth. In the middle of nature, it would be constantly fertilizing as the organic matter decomposes, but in our land this happens but on a much smaller scale, so small that, if we left it, we would end up having a much poorer soil than we could get to. to have.

The way to avoid this is, in effect, to pour organic matter from time to time. So if you don’t know what types of soil compost exist, don’t worry. You will soon know.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth

La diatomaceous earth it is a wonder. It allows us to have pest-free plants while being well fed. What’s more, neutralizes toxic elements and excess acidity in the soilkeeping the nutrients available so that the roots can absorb them, and last but not least, It gives them the ability to store and distribute carbohydrates through better photosynthesis.

The mode of application is by applying directly on wet ground, at least once or twice a month. It is not toxic for the environment or for people, but it is toxic for parasites, hence it is also used as an antiparasitic.

Herbivorous animal manure

Horse manure

horse manure

Herbivore waste is one of the best fertilizers the earth receives. The most popular are the horse manure and that of cow, but in reality if we can buy the manure of any other herbivore, surely our garden will look much more beautiful.

The only thing is that if we get it fresh it is highly advisable to let it dry in the sun for at least one week. If you need more information, Click here.

Coffee grounds

Coffee groundsCoffee grounds

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How many times have we thrown the coffee remains in the trash? Many, right? Well now we won’t have to. In fact, the most ideal thing would be to throw them to earth. Being rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, they will be very helpful for plants to grow and look beautiful.

So you know, keep those remains in a boat and go throwing them in your garden .

Egg or banana peels



The same thing happens with egg and banana peels as with coffee leftovers. We are wrong to discard them . The egg ones are rich in calcium, while the banana ones contain a lot of potassium. Both nutrients are essential for plants to carry out their functions correctly, being able to take advantage of its energy so that both the growth and the formation of flowers and fruits can be done well.


Compost, an organic compost

Compost, an organic fertilizer

If you are one of those who likes to make your own farmland or your own compost, or if you plan to do itYou should know that compost is excellent. It is a powerful fertilizer that provides all the nutrients the soil needs, making it much more fertile and spongy.

You can mix it with the soil two or three times a month, and I even advise you to mix it in equal parts with the one you extract from the planting holes.

Do you know other types of compost for the earth?

Types of fertilizer for the earth

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