What can I do so that my plant does not die

Monstera deliciosa indoors

Many times, when we go to a nursery we end up with the odd plant in the shopping cart. When we get home, we put them where they are best and we leave them there, convinced that they will always stay beautiful.

However, as the days go by we realize that they have started to get sad. The tips become dry, the stems fall, and the life that it has little by little is fading, that is when we ask ourselves what can I do so that the plants do not die. Here are some tips.

Treat them like the living things they are

Inside plantsInside plants

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In blogs, in books, in magazines,… we talk about plants as decorative objects, which can lead to confusion. Plants are living beings, yes, they can be used and in fact they are used to decorate, but if we don’t take care of them they will die.

We do not have to make the mistake of thinking that, for example, they will last without water until tomorrow or that they can be placed in the place that we like the most, because this does not work like that. Each of them has specific needs that we must know so they can continue living.

Choose resistant plants

If we have just entered the world of gardening, the best thing to do is acquire beginner-friendly plants. As much as we like that one that has just been brought to the nursery for the first time, if we do not know it at all and have never seen it, if we do not have much experience in caring for plants, the ideal would be to leave it without buying, since Otherwise, we may end up spending the money for nothing.

We must try to choose species that we know, because that way it will be much easier for us to keep them healthy. Click on this link for more information.

Give them the care they need

So that the plants do not die, the first thing to do is put them in the right location. For example, if they are orchids, they must be placed in an area protected from direct sun; instead, the cactus y similar plants They need to be in a very bright area. But besides that, you have to water them every time the ground is dry y fertilize them throughout the growing season with Fertilizers specific that we will find in the nurseries.

To avoid pests and diseases, it is highly recommended to do preventive treatments with natural insecticidesLike neem oil or garlic.



We hope these tips help you to enjoy your plants more .

What can I do so that my plant does not die

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