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What is the weevil and how to combat it

Image – Wikimedia / Nanosanchez There are more and more exotic pests that our plants must combat if they want to continue. One of them is the black weevil, a species of beetle that can cause serious damage to a wide variety of plant speciesincluding agaves. In fact, it has such a predilection for them […]

What is nebulization irrigation? | Gardening On

In the world of agriculture there are different types of irrigation that adapt to the environmental conditions and the needs of the plants to optimize the use of water and the development of the plants. In this case, we are going to talk about what the misting irrigation. It is a widely used irrigation in […]

Juniperus icee blue, the creeping pine that covers the ground

Foto Juniperus icee blue: Pinterest Have you ever heard of Juniperus icee blue? Do you know what kind of plant it is? Don’t worry, today we want to focus on this species of creeping conifer that is little known and yet has a unique characteristic in its foliage. You want to know more? So Take […]

Mucuna pruriens, the plant that treats neurological problems

Mucuna pruriens, also known as velvet bean, velvet bean, pica, picapica, chiporro, bull’s eye, and many other names, is a tropical legume. But what else do you know about her? Here is a guide for you to get to know this shrub and you can discover its characteristics, properties and the reasons why it is […]

White zucchini | Gardening On

He white zucchini is a variety of zucchini, characterized by a green to off-white color, a soft gloss shade, and a general dome shape. In general, the season for white zucchini is usually between March and May, and harvesting it at the right time will give it a special flavor. Many wonder if it is […]

How is the agave flower?

Image – Flickr/Mauricio Mercadante The agave is a plant that only blooms once in its lifetime. After doing so, she dies. This is so because it is a monocarpic plant, like the Aeonium, the Puya, the bromeliads and many, many others. But within the bad, what could be considered good is that it is normal […]

When and how to sow flax seeds? All the steps to take

Have you ever wanted to plant flaxseeds but didn’t dare because you didn’t know if they would catch, grow, or even know how to grow them? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first to have doubts. That’s why, if you want to enjoy linen (beyond commercial cultivation and yes as decorative) here we are going […]

How to sow potted potatoes

The potato (Potato) belongs to the Solanaceae family, the same botanical family of tomatoes and aubergines, whose tubers are the most consumed and at the same time the most cultivated food in the world. Potato is the botanical name of the common potato, a very popular food in the kitchen, so much so that it […]

Alocasia lauterbachiana care guide

Photo Source Alocasia lauterbachiana Care: Etsy Have you ever heard of Alocasia lauterbachiana? You may have just been given one. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on it and you finally have it (because it’s not a very expensive plant). But, of the Alocasia lauterbachiana, what care is the most important? If you also want […]

Potted Lentil Plant Care | Gardening On

Lentils, the scientific name Lens culinaris, is an annual legume that is widely consumed in Asia and North Africa, as well as in some parts of Europe and Latin America. It is a very resistant plant, known for its excellent nutritional properties. Lentils are rich in carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, and they are very low […]

Tips for caring for potted succulents

There is no doubt that succulents are plants that attract millions of people around the world. Many of them are small, so they can be grown in pots. But although we have been told for years that they are extremely easy to care for, this is only the case if we know their needs. Because […]

How to buy the best birthday flowers for women

Giving a flower to a woman does not have to be done only when it is her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. However, many times we tend to wait for those events. So, this time, how about we help you choose some birthday flowers for women? Believe it or not, With the choice of the […]

8 types of aphids and how they fight

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Rego Korosi Aphids are one of the pests that most frequently attack plants, both indoors and outdoors. They are tiny parasites, barely half a centimeter long, and they feed on the sap of leaves and flowers, and sometimes also on branches that are still green. But although they may all […]

Types of cauliflower: characteristics, properties and much more

Cauliflower is a plant that belongs to the Brassica family, along with cabbage, cabbage, and broccoli. It is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and low in calories, it is widely used in slimming diets. There are different types of cauliflower that can be added to your diet to load it […]

How to care for a potted banana tree: all the care you need

Don’t know how to care for a potted banana tree? It is one of the plants that can give your home an exotic touch, plus you can enjoy bananas. Yes, as you read. However, in a pot, it needs some care that we sometimes forget. For this reason, on this occasion, we are going to […]

What is a hydroponic lettuce and how is it grown?

Have you ever heard of hydroponic lettuce? Do you know how it is cultivated and why it is done with a special cultivation method? If you like to eat organic food but don’t have enough space in your home, this can be a good way to have lettuce. Now, how can it be cultivated? What […]

Can the avocado pit be sown in water?

If you are one of those who consume avocado, surely more than once you have wondered if you could not buy a plant, or have it from the bone. Perhaps you have read about it and you have been curious about whether avocado pits can be sown in water. For this reason, on this occasion, […]

Potted papaya tree: care | Gardening On

Having a papaya tree in a pot is not difficult at all. Because the seeds are very fast growing, and the tree is small and its life expectancy is not long, there are those who dare to have it, either on the balcony, terrace … placed in a pot. But, to have a potted papaya […]

Why does my Ficus elastica have brown spots on the leaves?

¿Tu Elastic fig You have brown spots on the leaves and you can’t figure out the cause? Don’t worry: although there are several possible reasons why it is like this, there are also several possible solutions. So if your tree starts to get sick, if you follow our advice you can try to recover it. […]

How to Plant Melons: How and When to Plant Them

00 The melon, also called Cucumber melonis a monoecious herbaceous plant whose stems are creeping. The reason why it is grown is its fruit, which is widely consumed throughout the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people consider planting it in their own garden. To help you with them, we are going to […]

Homemade herbicide bleach: What is it and how does it affect plants

Many times weeds appear in places that we want to keep clean of plants, such as paths, curbs, stairs, roofs, etc. Obviously we can always resort to commercial herbicides. But did you know that there is a much cheaper way to eliminate these unwanted vegetables? There is a product that we all have at home […]

How to have an urban garden on the terrace: tips and tricks

If you have a terrace large enough to be able to put an urban garden, you may be rethinking it. There are many people who do not know how to have an urban garden on the terrace and they think that it is something too complicated. However, if you know the guidelines to carry it […]

How to buy a ground drill that meets your needs

Have you ever had to make holes in the garden to place, for example, a fence? If you have done it manually you will have finished surrendered. For this reason, it is best to have a ground drill at hand that in seconds makes the holes you want. But, Don’t know how to buy one? […]

When and how to plant pine trees in the garden?

One of the most common plants in gardens, especially to serve as a “fence” and protection from neighbors or people passing by on the street, are pine trees. Planting pine trees is done to cover walls (even letting them grow more so that they can’t see you from the outside), but also decoratively. If you […]

What is planted in January

It is a tradition at the beginning of the year to wish us the best wishes and especially good health. January in the garden is also the month of great resolutions. Let’s see what to plant in January and do in gardening, to prepare it little by little for the return of sunny days and […]

Ideas of beautiful and simple gardens

If you have a house with some garden, it is normal to want it to be well cared for and very beautiful. Simply because, when you look at it, it will make you smile. So, how about we give you some ideas for beautiful and simple gardens? He Just encouraging yourself to create like this […]

How to avoid fungus on plants

Image – Wikimedia / Gilles San Martin Pathogenic fungi are by far the most dangerous enemies plants have: once they get inside them, they spread rapidly, and in doing so they also weaken them even more than they already are. And, if they have something good, it is that they only affect those that have […]

What is the difference between intensive and extensive agriculture?

As in some terms, aspects, etc. There are different types, in agriculture it also happens the same. In this case, there are several models of this and two of them are the most used in terms of production: intensive and extensive. However, knowing the difference between intensive and extensive agriculture is not easy, especially when […]

How to remove lattice seeds: the easiest method

If you have lattice at home and you don’t want to lose it for the following year, surely more than once you have asked yourself the question of how to get lattice seeds. Perhaps you have not even considered it and have seen how the plant died and, with the arrival of spring, in the […]

How to grow Passiflora ligularis: How it is made, care and uses

The Passiflora ligularis is a vine plant native to the central Andes, especially Peru, which belongs to the family Passifloraceae. This vegetable is also known as granadilla, pomegranate, mucus pomegranate or Chinese pomegranate. This plant blooms only in tropical and sub-tropical areas, since it does not tolerate winter frosts well. If we live in such […]

What is a green roof? Features and benefits

Part of the architecture is responsible for making more sustainable designs to make energy performance better and the impact on the environment less. One of the techniques used for this is plant cover. The vegetal cover has numerous advantages that we are going to analyze one by one. In this article we are going to […]

How to buy flower seeds that really germinate you

With spring it is normal that you feel like planting flower seeds. It is the opportunity to see them grow, but, above all, to brighten your eyes with the beautiful colors that the flowers have. The problem is that, many times, we buy flower seeds without realizing if it is the best time, if they […]

How to fertilize the garden: the best tips and tricks

Every year that begins the season we have to be prepared to get the garden ready. By setting up the garden we refer to all that this entails of pruning, sowing and fertilizing, among others. There are some tasks such as the subscriber that are not very well known. When and how to fertilize the […]

pot types

Image – Wikimedia Commons/Joydeep Did you know that there are different types of pothos? This is an evergreen climbing plant that is widely cultivated indoors, as it adapts very, very well to the conditions that are usually found inside homes. But also, it must be said that its ornamental value is high, really interesting, regardless […]

How to disinfect artificial grass? The steps you must take

If you want to install artificial grass in your garden, it is surely because you know the advantages it offers you, such as less maintenance. But whether it’s because you have pets, or small children, or simply because you live in an area with a lot of pollution, once in a while disinfecting artificial grass […]

How to make a mini greenhouse

Sometimes it is necessary to have a mini greenhouse to protect our plants. Regardless of whether we have them in the ground or in a pot, the low temperatures could harm them, so it is worth investing some of our time in building them a little shelter. But what materials are needed? Well, it will […]

What is it and what are the symptoms of olive verticillium wilt?

Have you ever heard of olive verticillium wilt? It is a fungal disease that, as its name suggests, affects olive trees. Also known as “drying” or “wilt”, this disease is quite serious and that is why at Jardinería ON we want you to know as much as possible about it so that, if you have […]

How to get tomato seeds

In the vast majority of houses, tomatoes are never lacking. They are a vegetable (or fruit) that is always in the refrigerator drawer. What you may not know is that, from those tomatoes, you can get “children”, since the seeds are inside them. But, How to get tomato seeds? Next we are going to help […]

Why does my hibiscus have yellow leaves?

When a plant starts having a hard time, it is often the leaves that show the most severe symptoms. If we also take into account that they are the most visible part of the plant, it is not surprising that humans worry when we are cultivating said specimen, and even more so if it is […]

How to fertilize an orange tree: the best tips and tricks

Orange is one of the most famous crops in the world since it is widely consumed. Therefore, the correct care of the orange tree is quite important in order to increase the production of oranges. You have to take some aspects into account when learning how to fertilize an orange tree to be able to […]

When to plant orange and lemon trees

If you have a more or less spacious garden, or a patio where you can have large pots, you may have considered planting a fruit tree, even one of the dwarfs, to enjoy its size and, incidentally, to have « free fruit ». The most common, due to their functionality, are orange and lemon trees […]

How to Plant Green Beans: The Best Tips and Tricks

Green beans are also known as kidney beans and belong to the legume family. They contain a large amount of protein, minerals and fiber. They are known throughout the world and are characterized by having a climbing part. There are many varieties known as low bush or dwarf beans, which have a moderate growth and […]

Can you have a potted bamboo?

Image – Wikimedia/Neo Can you have a potted bamboo? And of course I’m talking about the real bamboosand not of those other plants that, without having any relationship with them, are also known by that name, as is the case of the bamboo or areca palm (Deeply shining), or lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii). So, focusing […]

When to plant an almond tree

The almond tree is a fruit tree that blooms early, which makes you fear spring frosts. However, some resistant varieties can produce in temperate climates. Its almonds can be eaten fresh, or kept dry, in the same way they are an interesting source of protein, as well as fiber and magnesium. The almond tree is […]

Plants with little root that do not need repotting

Imagen – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz Transplanting is something that when you have potted plants you have to do from time to time, since the space that the roots have to grow is very limited (they only have the one in the container). So it is difficult to find plants that do not need transplanting, because […]

Shield aralia (Polyscias scutellaria)

Polyscias scutellaria it is an elegant and versatile houseplant that is popular with gardeners and plant lovers. Commonly known as the shield leaf tree or shield aralia, this tropical plant hails from the Pacific islands and is recognized for its large, glossy green, shield-shaped leaves (hence its common name). As well as being an attractive […]

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