All the types of lentils that exist

all types of lentils that exist

Lentils are a nutrient dense and very healthy food. It contains a large amount of starch which is translated as carbohydrates. They also have plant proteins. Although they are very good and healthy, they are not completely complete, since they are low in an essential amino acid: methionine. If we mix lentils with other cereals such as rice, which is rich in methionine, we can prepare a dish with food similar to that which a dish of animal origin can provide. In addition, it has a valuable contribution of fiber.

However, surely we are used to eating only one variety of lentils and you do not know all of them. Do you want to know the types of lentils that exist?

All the types of lentils that exist

all types of lentils that exist and their properties

all types of lentils that exist and their properties

  • Castilian blonde or queen: Light green in color and quite large in size. It is of a regular size and is the most widely consumed lentil in our environment.
  • Ermine Blonde: It differs from the previous one, in that it is larger and has lower consumption.
  • Verdine: It is small in size.
  • Pardine: It is small in size, but a little larger than the verdina. It is mostly consumed canned. The pardina and the verdina cook quickly, so they are very convenient to prepare lentil stews in a short time.
  • Beluga: Small, rounded and black, they owe their name to their external resemblance to caviar. Their beautiful presentation has made them become fashionable in recent times and that, although they are difficult to find in the market, they are frequently seen on the dishes of many chefs.
  • Urad ty: White lentils from India, with a high protein content.
  • Green du Puy: Low starch lentils, with a nutty aroma and from Auvergne. They have also been called “the caviar of the lentils”, a name that they dispute with the Beluga
  • Crimson or Canadian: A turkish lentil that cooks in 10 minutes and is excellent for purees
  • Red Chief: Egyptian lentil widely consumed in Pakistan where it is known as Masoor Dahl.

Properties of all the types of lentils that exist

properties of lentils

lentil properties

Lentils can grow in very diverse climates and helps promote soil regeneration. Therefore, it becomes a good option for sowing in areas where the soil is not too fertile. These legumes provide nitrogen to the bacteria that live in their roots. It can be said that all types of lentils that exist are good for the planet.

Among the benefits they have for health is their high content of vegetable proteins. Lentils are the legume with the most protein and are easy to digest. What makes it such a desirable food to add to a balanced diet is that it contains a multitude of micronutrients. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. As it does not contain all the essential amino acids, the lentils should be combined in the same dish good another meal of the day with whole grains or seeds to get a complete protein.

If you do not want to consume or are looking to reduce the consumption of animal products in your diet by becoming vegetarian or cattle, lentils are a good, very convenient alternative to replace the previous products. Another benefit of all types of lentils that exist is that they provide dosed energy. That is, being complex carbohydrates and having a good amount of essential amino acids, lentils slowly provide energy. This is because they are slow absorbing hydrates bald. In this way, consuming them achieves a stable and sustained energy over time. For those who have diabetes problems, you avoid insulin spikes that are harmful for several reasons.

One of the effects of causing a high insulin spike from a consumption of refined or simple carbohydrates is that it exhausts us physically. All the types of lentils that exist provide a large amount of fiber that contributes to a controlled entry of sugars into the bloodstream. In addition, it is designed for low-calorie diets since it provides very good levels of satiety and helps the best to go to the bathroom.

For those who suffer from cholesterol, lentils are a good food to reduce these levels through the feces. As if that were not enough, it has become a very fabulous food since it has positive actions for the bacteria that live in the intestines. Therefore, if we want to have good cardiovascular health or control the amount of weight we gain or lose, lentils are a good ally.

Mineral content

We are going to mention all the minerals that the different types of lentils that exist have and the properties of each of them. Surely you have ever heard that lentils are high in iron. Well, apart from this mineral, it is rich in other minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

In order to better absorb the iron from lentils, it is necessary to accompany them with a source of vitamin C. For example, you can accompany the compliments, tomato or having some prey for dessert. The magnesium that a serving of lentils gives you it is equivalent to 20% of the daily needs that the organism needs. Magnesium is a very important mineral for our health since it was involved in numerous organic functions, bone tissue and neuronal systems. For those athletes that involve the movement of muscle mass it is also interesting since it improves the recovery of the fibers. It is also good for the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Although the calcium content of the different types of lentils that exist is lower than that of cow’s milk, being in balance with other minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium, they can be considered an excellent food for bone health.

As you can see, all lentils provide great properties to our body that makes it interesting to introduce into a balanced diet. I hope that with this information you can learn more about the different types of lentils that exist.

All the types of lentils that exist

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