At what distance are tomatoes planted: measures and advice

How to know how far apart tomatoes are planted

When we have an orchard, it is rare that we lack tomatoes. They are par excellence the most frequently sought after vegetable. In turn, we will all know stories or tricks that we have seen or been told to obtain a good production. It is not difficult to grow tomatoesif you know how. Even one of the most frequent questions that we usually ask ourselves when growing them is how far apart the tomatoes are planted.

Like the rest of the plants, the tomato grows best when its conditions are adequate for it, which do not have to be the same conditions for another vegetable. From irrigation, to its diseases, to its nutrients, even at its distance. In this article we will explain how far apart tomatoes are plantedwhy it should be done this way, what distance we should leave between rows, between plants, and most importantly… that It will depend on the tomato variety. that we are planting!

Different distances between tomato plants

What measures must be kept away in tomato cultivation

What measures must be kept away in tomato cultivation

There are medium distances at which to plant your tomato plants, but if you want to do it well, the best thing to do is adapt the distance to the type of variety of tomato that you are going to plant. For example, the creeping tomato, the one that does not require cane, can be planted a little closer together. The cherry tomato, if it is not a truss variety, can be left somewhat more compact. For the rest of the cherry tomato on the truss, pear-type tomato, on the vine, barbastro, pink, normal salad, black… etc., the same distances can always be used.

The following distances can be taken as an average. Depending on the climate of the region where the tomato plants are being planted, the distances may vary. It will depend on the wind, the humidity, if it is in a greenhouse or outdoors, and the variety that is going to be put.

For outdoor cultivation

They can be grown with a distance between plants from 35 to 55 centimeters. Depending on the width of the crown, foliage and vigor of the variety, it may be more interesting to leave more or less space. Between rows, the recommended distance is between 120 to 160 centimeters.

For outdoor cultivation, the number of tomato plants planted is not pursued so much, but that they have a good space between them. That is because tomato plants are one of the vegetables with the most problems of enfermedades fungal present. Let the wind circulate, otherwise it can generate a lot of humidity and make it a breeding ground for fungi or other pests.

Outdoors how to tell how far apart tomatoes are planted

Outdoors how to tell how far apart tomatoes are planted

Important. For cultivation in highly humid locations, increase the distance when planting them. It is better to have few tomatoes, but ensure the harvest. If under normal conditions the density is 1 plants per square meterin humid areas it can be reduced to 1 plants per square meter calmly.

For greenhouse cultivation

Planting can be done with single or double rows. In the case of the simple ones, the rows can be from 1 to 1 meters apart, and the tomato plants can be planted with a distance of between 30 and 50 cm between them.

In the case of sowing with double rows, the plants can be between 40 and 50 cm apart, and the space between both rows between 50 and 60 cm. Finally, between each of the double rows, the space can be reduced a little to 80 or 100 cm. The recommended average density is about 2’25 to 2’50 plants per square meter.

Tomato cultivation in bouquetCultivation of vine tomatoes

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Why is distance so important?

The cultivation of tomatoes is one of those that usually presents the most complications, and they are almost always related to distance and irrigation. If the area and season are right, there shouldn’t be any major complications, but why do they happen so often?

The distance between the plants has more to do with a point of balance between development and production that in quantity It is better to always bet on quality than quantity, as long as we are not going too far, that is, uselessly wasting space. The distance is always important for the correct development of the plants, this allows light to penetrate well and helps the area to be well ventilated and prevents fungal diseases.

Distance and irrigation are the two most important factors in tomato cultivation

Distance and irrigation are the two most important factors in tomato cultivation

Some people warn that a greater distance facilitates the proliferation of weeds, which is also not advisable. That is the same as saying that it is not interesting that few people live in an area because there will be more to clean up. It has its logic, but it is not a relevant factor. In case of doubt, it is always better to leave space between the plants, production will never be affected, something that does happen if the distance is too short. It is very important to remember this.

Advice for irrigation taking into account the distance

Just like knowing how far apart tomatoes are planted, many people have problems with tomato watering, even professionals in the sector. If the distance between tomatoes is less, it is possible that the soil tends to dry out more slowly, as there is less evaporation as the sun’s rays do not hit as much. On the contrary, if the distance is greater, it will be possible to observe that it dries more quickly. For both cases, this is not something relevant either.

The important thing here is the humidity that the soil conserves, which is the place where the root is located. The tomato is a plant that needs to be watered very little.and only requires a little humidity to be able to nourish itself properly. In the case of tomatoes for dipping bread, they are varieties that still have to be watered less, I would almost dare to say that they practically never have to be watered. Watering when the plant shows no signs of needing it, for example, withered leaves in the morning after sunrise, contributes to malnutrition. Why? Because the water helps the minerals to descend, preventing the tomato plant from receiving proper nutrition.

tips to obtain a good production of tomatoes

tips to obtain a good production of tomatoes

For these reasons, having a correct distance between tomato plants and correct watering make the plants practically require little care. Almost every tomato problems are related by these two factors. And I insist on this, I have seen many professionals spoil entire productions by ignoring these important practices. With the great economic and moral damage that entails.

Tomato plants are sensitive to excess moistureTomato plants are sensitive to excess moisture

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At what distance are tomatoes planted: measures and advice

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