Best Gifts for Gardening Hobbyists

You can give many things at Christmas

The end of the year is coming, Santa Claus, Twelfth Night… and you still don’t know what to give yourself or give to a crazy-lover of gardening? It is normal. The truth is that the same thing happens to me too, always. I’m one of those who leave these things to the last minute. But this time I have proposed to change, and that is why I am going to propose a few things that will surely make (or make) your life easier.

Taking care of plants is a magnificent experience, but we must not fool ourselves: this is the case only if you have the right tools. So here goes the gift guide for gardening enthusiasts.

Essential gardening tools

They are those that you have to have yes or yes so that everything goes smoothly:

Seed kit of 12 aromatic herbs

When spring comes, you will be able to plant many, many plants. If you love aromatic herbs, such as parsley, coriander, basil or rosemary, among others, don’t hesitate to get this magnificent seed kit.

Set of 2 pruning shears, one straight and one curved (anvil)

Sometimes you have to prune, for example to remove dry branches or to trim those that are growing a lot. So one of the things that every gardener will need is pruning shears. And these that we recommend are ideal for doing this type of work. They are made of steel and have an ergonomic handle.

Kit with 5 gardening tools

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to start growing some plants. Includes a hand rake, small shovel, rake, soil aerator, and transplanter. They are all made of stainless steel, and have an ergonomic handle, so you can use them comfortably.

battery mini chainsaw

This is a mini chainsaw that will allow you to cut through thick branches with one hand. It works with two rechargeable lithium batteries, whose power is 620 Watts. It weighs only 1,1 kilos, so you can work comfortably with it, and also safe because gloves and protective glasses are included.

Thermal composter, 420 L

Today it is highly recommended to make compost, since this is one of the best natural fertilizers that we can apply both to the garden and to the plants. For this reason, if you dare to prepare it but you have nowhere to do it, you can buy this composter which is made of plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather. It has a capacity of 420 liters, and measures 74 x 74 x 84 centimeters.

Accessories for gardening enthusiasts

If you are one of those who want to give something very special to someone who loves gardening and everything that has to do with plants, or wants to put something new in their home or garden, here is a selection:

Sunflower Gardening Apron

Being in the garden and working in it, in addition to being a beautiful experience, can also dirty our clothes. If you want to avoid this, what better way than to put on this beautiful unisex apron made of polyester. It is green, and has a drawing of two sunflowers in one corner. It is for adults.

Nest box kit to assemble 36 x 12 x 14 cm, for tits

If you like birds, especially tits or chickadees, and you want them to go to your garden, we recommend that you place this nest box in a tree that is in a very quiet area. Thus, surely the least expected day they will use it to take care of their offspring.

hydroponic growing system

Growing plants without soil is undoubtedly an interesting method, since it allows you to save on substrates, and you can also have them almost anywhere if you have the right tools and accessories. Well, this is a kit that has it all: automatic LED light, a 3.5-liter water tank with its circulation system, and the ability to grow up to 12 plants. What are you waiting for to get hold of him?

Garden storage box, 270 L

Do you think you already have too many things and need to make better use of space? So I advise you to have a plastic storage box like this one, in which you can put everything: tools, substrates, pots, etc. Its dimensions are as follows: 116.7 x 44.7 x 57 cm; and weighs a total of 7 kilos.

garden oven

Do you feel like eating in your garden? The truth is that one of the most interesting things that can be done there is, precisely, get together with family and/or friends and have a good time. Therefore, what better than buying a garden oven like this one made with stainless steel. It has two differentiated layers: the upper one is for baking food, and the lower one is for you to put the firewood and thus get a good baking. The dimensions are 156 x 64 x 45 cm and it weighs 30 kilos.

Best Gifts for Gardening Hobbyists

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