Characteristics of vegetables and their types

what is a vegetable

When we talk about what is a vegetable? We refer to an organic living being that is capable of reproducing, but that only grows voluntarily in a place without moving.

So that the vegetables can feed need to photosynthesizeBesides, it must be said that your body is made up of a group of eukaryotic cells. These cells are covered by a cell wall, which is produced by cellulose base that gives the vegetables somehow some toughness and resistance.

vegetable types

vegetable types

Vegetable growth occurs in terrestrial environments, but there are also some that can grow in water and the way they do it is through a seed or cutting.

The parts of the vegetables are divided into three, the root, stem and leavesand in this same way they are classified into two groups, those that have flowers and those that do not. If we define vegetables as part of food, we refer to living beings that mostly grow in terrestrial areas and that do not have a device that allows them to move.

Vegetable characteristics

  • They are low in calories.
  • They are high in vitamins and minerals.
  • They are autotrophs, which means that they generate their own food without affecting other living beings.
  • The cells that compose them are organized into tissues.
  • They are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates.
  • They taste delicious.

Types of vegetables

Fruits: when we refer to fruits, we are talking about the fleshy parts in their ripe state that originate from the blooming organs of plants, such as mangoes, oranges, bananas, pears, among another great variety.

In addition to this, we can also highlight that vegetables are those of which only their green organs are eaten, either their leaves or their stemssuch as spinach or chard.

Vegetables: are those vegetables that are fit for human consumptionthat is, they are those that are part of our daily diet, which are generally kept in a state of freshness, which allow us to consume them raw, preserved or cooked, as for example we can mention the tomato , carrots, onions and any other variety.

Vegetables can also be classified taking into account the part of the plant that we are going to eat.

Fruits: those that are born from flowers.

Bulbs: quite fleshy vegetables but they are not born from flowersas are garlic, or any other vegetable that is included in this category.

Stems and green leaves: we can find coriander, celery, lettuce, parsley or any other vegetable from which we only consume its stem or leaves.

Young stems: we can find asparagus.

Flowers: of which we can mention cauliflower or artichoke.

Legumes: what we can eat them green or freshas are peas, for example.

Roots or tubers: we find beets, carrots, radishes.

Classification of vegetables

  • Yellow vegetables
  • Green vegetables
  • Vegetables of other colors, such as onion or tomato.

Types of fruits

types of fruits

types of fruits

Fruits with a lot of meat: they are those sugary, soft and with a lot of aroma.

Dried fruits: among which we can mention olives, almonds or chestnuts.

Pepilla fruits: are those that they have small seeds and its shell can be eaten.

Stone fruits: are those that have a big seed and hard shell.

Grain fruit: they are those with very small seeds throughout the pulp.

Raisins: we can eat them after harvest.

Fresh fruits: they are the ones they have to eat soon as they can be damaged.

Frozen fruits: those that we can keep in the fridge.

Dried fruits: they are the ones that go through certain processes so that its components can decrease.

Characteristics of vegetables and their types

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