Difference between sloes and blueberries

Blueberries are used to make drinks

Sloes and blueberries are fruits that possess aromatic properties and a deep purple color quite similar between the two, so it is not surprising that many people confuse them.

Today it is quite common that many people do not know the characteristics that differentiate each of these fruitsespecially in those places where they are not commonly consumed, and it is for this reason that in this article we describe in detail each of the fruits to know the difference between sloes and blueberries.

Characteristics of blueberries

characteristics blueberries

blueberry characteristics

Blueberries are those fruits that come from the bush vacciniumwhich belong to the order of the Ericales, which are from the cold regions of the northern hemisphere of the world.

Among the known existing blueberry species there are approximately 172 and among some of those that are commonly known are the common blueberry or also known as the blueberry that bears the scientific name Blueberry blueberrythe scientific name black cranberry Vaccinium uliginosum and the cranberry that has a scientific name Blueberry vine-idea.

The blueberry is a fruit of small round sizewhich in the final part has the formation of a crown and does not have a seed in the center of it. Its main feature is the bluish black colorthe rich acid flavor that it possesses and the quite striking aromatic fragrance. The blueberry is a fruit that can be eaten fresh or can also be used to prepare cakes, compotes, cookies, liqueurs, jams, juices and syrups.

Apart from this, the bilberry is also known by the name of bilberry, a fruit that has astringent properties Because it contains tannin, it also has other antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic and antiseptic characteristics. Blueberries have a high potassium contentso they have 72 mg, vitamin A, Vitamin C 12mg, calcium 14 mg, 10 mg of phosphorus and 6 mg of magnesium.

In the same way, they are components that help contribute to the contribution of calories and fiber that are necessary for the body.

Characteristics of sloes

Sloes are those fruits that come from the bush prunus spinosawhich is also known by the name of blackthornThis shrub is typical of central Europe and southern Europe, in turn it also belongs to the Rosaceae family.

This is a fruit that has a circular shape with a purplish blue color which is quite similar to the wild plum and also has a small seed in its center. In the same way, it has a characteristic bittersweet flavor and they are very rich in having natural pigments with antioxidant action.

Due to its bittersweet flavor, it is widely used to make some liqueurs, jellies or even jams.

Sloes are used to make drinks

Sloes are used to make drinks

Sloes have certain antioxidant properties for having among its components caroteinoids and antianins that are part of its pigments. These fruits are mainly composed of water, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and also iron.

In ancient times, sloes were used as food and medicinal plants. And its use as a medicinal plant was implemented to combat constipation, due to its laxative properties and in turn to combat stomach ailments due to its content of astringent properties. Today it is a fruit that is also recognized for its cosmetic propertiessince you can make ideal masks for the face. In addition to this, they are also used in the dry cleaner and the cane factory, because the wood of this shrub is quite resistant, ideal for these jobs.

As we have already explained, there are quite a few characteristics that make these fruits quite similar to each other, but in the same way also differences that help to distinguish sloes from blueberries:

  • Blueberries are bluish-black fruits, with a circular shape that ends in the formation of a crown and they do not have seeds.
  • Sloes are fruits that have a bluish purplish color, with a circular shape and have a seed in the center.

Difference between sloes and blueberries

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