Different types and care in urban gardens

urban gardens at home

Nature has the virtue of offering us many benefits. Much of these, we can find them in the plant worldin which plants offer us endless elements suitable for human consumption, which in turn, offer the consumer multiple benefits from a nutritional point of view.

From simple edible leaveseven the most exotic fruits, plants today constitute much of the food source and medicine of the populations and this can be seen both in advanced populations, in those first world countries and in the most primitive indigenous ethnic groups.

Types of urban gardens

urban home gardens

urban home gardens

In this sense, this article will talk about the urban gardensa homemade mechanism that allows the user to enjoy and extract resources suitable for human consumption, coming from nature and also, can be obtained from the simple comfort of our home. Some definitions will be presented that allow the user to have a more or less concrete idea of ​​what what is an urban gardenas well as the classification that exists today of these.

Some of the advice on materials or tips necessary to elaborate them and finally, some will be offered tips for your carein such a way that the user can take into account the information exposed, in order that he can put it into practice in an effective way and that is that urban gardens are created in order to supplant the garden holein such a way that the garden covers as much as possible all those possibilities that it offers to the user.

The orchards are presented under various types, that is, there is a classification that is explained by the type of place in which these come to be created, since in this sense, it is not necessary to make a definition of each one, since they simply only start from the fact of being in the place where their name indicates.

The types of urban gardens that exist are:

These are the types of urban gardens of which today we have in our repertoire of ideas to innovate the garden in the comfort of the home itself.

What are human gardens?

what are urban gardens

what are urban gardens

Urban gardens are then a good strategy that the user employs to be able to generate a small production in your homewhich will facilitate access to possible foods that may be difficult in your market.

Likewise, the user will put into practice the strategies that he uses to carry out planting and harvesting of plantswhich will allow you to secure them. Likewise, the urban garden will mean the immediate availability of some vegetable or fruit generated in the same home and part of the advantages that we can enjoy through urban gardensis the wide variety of orchards that we can develop depending on the place.

Next, we will present some recommendations to be able to create urban gardens from the comfort of homesome tips will be given that the user can take into account when preparing their garden.

Find a suitable place

Firstly, we must find a suitable place for our gardentaking into account aspects such as lighting, air current and / or temperature.

Generally, it is convenient to use lighting zonesin which the orchard can enjoy about 8 to 10 hours and in relation to the air currents, it is recommended that the user takes into account that strong air currents can damage our garden, For this reason, it is advisable to examine the intensity of the wind currents in the area.

Whenever we start a new practice, we must go through certain guidelines, in such a way that we will have to comply with certain steps Before giving our result and to speed up this, we usually start this type of practice under simple tasks, for that reason, it is recommended that the user start his garden through simple plantsthat they bear fruit as soon as possible and that they are easy to grow.

Once established the place and type of seed that we will plant in our garden, the next step will be to make our flowerpot for the garden.

Next, we proceed to sowing

planting and growing at home

planting and cultivation at home

For this, we can choose two planting optionswhich are, sow directly in the urban gardenputting into practice the necessary care to the seed during its development in the garden.

The second option responds to the possibility of sowing the seed in a container previously, in such a way that once it begins to develop, it is transferred to the garden, to give rise to the next phases of its development.

In case of having opted for the second option, we must take into account that it needs certain care, since it is possible to damage the roots of the plant otherwise we carry out the transfer with the corresponding care. The proposal is to be extremely careful when making the transfer of the seed from the temporary container to the urban garden.

Choose a good substrate

The last step to consider is the substratumwhich is nothing more or less than the type of land that we will use to store the seeds of our plants.

The important thing here is to know what kind of plants will we plantin such a way that it is possible to define the type of substrate that we will choose, which should contribute to the development of our seeds in a considerable way. We must then choose the type of soil based on the type of seed we choose.

The care of urban gardens they are not complexIn fact, they are really very simple to put into practice, for this reason, here are some of them.

Avoid hostile climates

create a garden in pots

create a garden in pots

We must be attentive to all kinds of climates that may affect the development of our garden, since these climates can be generated during some seasons of the year, either due to high or low temperatures.

We must be aware of what conditions our plants need as they develop.

Constant watering

As it can be in the case of all plants, we must keep our plants under constant wateringin such a way that they stay hydrated, an essential reason for their development.

Constant vigilance

plant seeds for the urban garden

plant seeds for the urban garden

It may be hard to believe, but our plants can be the victim of a wide variety of predators, For this reason, we must not take our eyes off them, thus avoiding the possibility of being attacked by any of these. On the other hand, we have the diseases to which plants can be susceptible and we must have an eagle’s eye with this case, since many diseases can be caused by presence of fungi or by some insects themselves.

Urban gardens comprise a wide variety of benefitsbut in turn, they need certain care, like any living being, in such a way that we must educate ourselves in what refers to the care, cultivation and harvest of urban gardensa mechanism that allows us to enjoy nature from the comfort of our home.

Different types and care in urban gardens

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