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Today we are going to talk and meet the dandelion. Scientific name Diplotaxis muralisthis plant belongs to the Cruciferae family and is commonly known like dandelion, géniva and mustard.

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Dandelion description

Dandelion is an annual and perennial plant that comes from Europe. It is adapted to the Mediterranean climate and it can reach about 60cm in height. The dandelion has a characteristic that is based on the fact that it can pollinate itself, although it can also pollinate on the basis of dipterans and anthophiles that transfer pollen between its yellow flowers. Dandelion flowers are endowed with reproductive units that are hermaphroditic.

What needs do you have?

dandelion grows almost anywhere

dandelion grows almost anywhere

The species Diplotaxis muralis grows very well in soils with both acidic and neutral or alkaline pH. The underground part of the plant grows best in supports that have a sandy, loamy or clay texture. Therefore, They are plants that are quite versatile when it comes to planting them anywhere. They also resist both dry and humid places, as long as an adequacy of their irrigation is maintained in an intermediate point. We have to manage to maintain soil moisture in a stable way, taking into account factors such as: temperature, sun exposure, environmental humidity, texture of the substrate, etc. An interesting aspect to comment on is that it does not tolerate waterlogging, so the planting area must be very well drained.

A factor in which we can affirm that the dandelion is quite demanding is in the light conditions. It only grows well if it is placed in places with direct sun exposure. As for frost, we can say that it is also able to withstand frost.

With regard to pests and / or diseases that may affect dandelion, none have been found yet.

This plant grows almost anywhere, between rocks, roads and others, since it does not require very special conditions and grows easily.

Diplotaxis muralis, the dandelion | Gardening On

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