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you have dogs at home and live outside your home, in the garden, surely the doghouses are the closest thing to your homewhere to take shelter and take a nap. But do you know how to buy them?

Whether you have dogs, or you are going to have them and you are looking at everything they need to live well, here is a great guide with which to achieve it. And by the way we show you some that can serve you.

Top 1. The best outdoor doghouse


  • It has several measures according to the height of the dog.
  • Made of wood.
  • For interior or exterior.


  • It doesn’t last long outdoors.
  • The Animals tend to bite it and it breaks easily.
  • Little heavy.

Selection of dog houses

Doesn’t that first choice serve you? Don’t worry, here we give you some more options to choose from.

VanGeeStar Pet Tent

Made of linen, it is an original kennel for small pets. Its measurements are 60 x 50 x 50cm. It is removable and does not take up much space.

Amazon Basics Elevated Pet Kennel

Here we have a kennel for dogs up to 11 kilos. It measures 89.9 x 65 x 71.1 centimeters and is raised. It also contains a roof with an awning and a mesh panel for good air circulation.

TRIXIE Classic Dog Kennel

With a weight of 16,3 kilos and dimensions of 83,8 x 61 x 58,4 cm, it has a waterproof roof with asphalt cover. It is made of varnished pine wood and has height-adjustable legs to prevent the floor from getting cold and to ensure good air circulation.

Curver 221088 Doghouse

It has a raised floor and ventilation system. Made of injected polypropylene in colors that will perfectly match the garden furniture.

Its size is 95 x 99 x 99 cm.

Crosses C2065642 Smile Villa

This wooden house has dimensions of 62 x 82 x 15 centimeters. It is made of wood and has adjustable legs so that it can be placed even on uneven surfaces so that it does not sway.

Dog kennel buying guide

Having dogs implies responsibilities. You have to provide them with adequate food, exercise, time in company, and a place where they feel that what is there is theirs, such as the booth.

These They can be indoor or outdoor but they all have something in common and that is that they are not only going to be used for dogs to sleep, but also to mark their territory, where they are going to feel relaxed and that they have their own space (something like children with their bedroom).

When buying doghouses, it is important to take into account several factors to get it right. We name them below:


The size of the kennel must be in accordance with that of your dog. For example, you will not be able to put a German shepherd in the kennel of a Yorkshire. And not the other way around because it would be too big and he wouldn’t find it comfortable.

Normally you have to measure your dog to know if it is the right one (if it fits well inside). For it, measure the height of the dog and then add 25% of that number. So you can know what size you should buy a shed.


The vast majority of doghouses are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. Some are even made of masonry or brick.

What you should keep in mind is that each one offers advantages and disadvantages. For example, wood is very nice because it creates a homey place, but with rain it can deteriorate. The plastic is light, but in winter it will be cold and in summer if the sun is too hot (they will not be able to enter inside).


Regarding the color here we give you a little more freedom because only you should combine it with the decoration of your garden or house. The best? Imitating wood because they are more elegant for the garden, but it would not be a bad idea if they were brown, green, yellow, etc.

Price range

And we come to the price. Depending on all the factors, and a few that can also have an impact (if the kennels are indoors or outdoors, if they are for two dogs or just one, etc.) the prices they start at 40 euros the cheapest up to more than 100 or 200 euros.

Where to put the doghouse?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​which doghouse to buy, the next important step is to determine where you are going to put it. And it can be inside the house or outside the house. Implying? Well, if you place it outside the house, you need it to be resistant to inclement weather, to protect it from the rain, but also from the sun. Inside the house this will not be necessary.

Therefore, away from home you must find a place sheltered from the wind, rain and sun, but without isolating it. In addition, it should be a place where your dog likes it, he feels comfortable and can spend time there if necessary.

In the case of the booths for inside the house, you also have to place them in the place where the dog will consider that it is its territory, and where you don’t mind spending time. If possible, do not place it in a passageway or where it gets in the way of you, because then you will be disturbing it every time it passes and then it will not feel comfortable or calm in that place.

Where to buy?

Where to buy dog ​​kennels

Where to buy dog ​​kennels

Finally, do you want to know where to buy doghouses? Well take note because we give you some options.

The Amazon

Amazon is one of our top picks because it has a wide variety of stalls. Of course, be careful with the sizes because later you can get a surprise.

Brico Depot

Online do not have doghouses or anything related to pets. But that does not mean that there are not in physical stores.


At Bricomart right now, at least online, they do not have items related to dogs (beyond two beware of dog tags or dogs are prohibited). But it does not mean that in physical stores there is not, that there may be.


Carrefour is similar to Amazon, especially because it not only has its own products, but you can enjoy those of third-party sellers. So your catalog is wide and you will find where to choose.


At Ikea right now They do not have kennels for dogs, but for cats and some mattresses to lie down on. But surely with the arrival of summer they will bring some models.

Do you already know what doghouses you are going to launch for?

Dog Kennel Buying Guide | Gardening On

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