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Although today we can find synthetic products that will help us keep pests under control and make plants grow relatively well, we cannot forget that if we misuse them, what we will achieve will be to damage the environment. For this reason, it is highly recommended to bet on nature and take care of the land as it deserves.

If you want to enjoy an organic garden or orchard, we offer you a series of green gardening tips that will be very useful to have some beautiful plants.

Choose resistant plants

Plant leaves

plant leaves

The most resistant are the autochthonous, but if you don’t like the species that are in your area, you can always buy those that live in similar conditions. For it you will have to do some researcheither in the nurseries or by contacting us, but in the end the work will have been worth it .

Group the plants according to their water needs

Cactus garden

cactus garden

One way to save water in irrigation is grouping the plants according to their needs, both for light and water. Thus, for example, the riverside ones would be placed near the lawn because they need a lot of water, and the succulents (cactus and crass) in a further area.

Treat plants with natural remedies



It is difficult for a well-kept plant to have problems with plagues and diseases, But you have to be aware just in case and protect them by doing treatments with neem oil, potassium soap, insecticidal oil (in autumn-winter), or with these other Remedies.

Attracts beneficial insects



The ladybugs, for example, they eat aphids; bees and other insects pollinate the flowers. Attract them by planting plants that have brightly colored flowers, and placing some little houses or nests. And, of course, avoid using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Fertilize them with natural products



To have healthy and strong plants there is no other than pay them throughout the yearespecially in spring and summer which is when they grow the most. To do this, you must pay with compost, manure o humus, either in liquid or powder form.

With these tips, you can have very well cared for plants .

Green Gardening Tips | Gardening On

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