Carmona bonsai

Image – Flickr / jmiguel.rodriguez

Are you planning to buy a bonsai from Carmona? So let me give you a series of tips that are likely to be very useful for you to enjoy its beauty for many years. And it is that, although it could be considered an easy plant, if you do not have some things at the end you may lose money in vain.

So if you really want to take good care of him so that he is very healthy as long as possible, then we are going to see what care it needs.

What is La Carmona like?

View of a bush in Carmona

View of a Carmona bush

When you go to buy a bonsai, it is always interesting to know what the plant is like if it is allowed to grow freely, since this way we can get an idea of ​​how it will behave once we work it as a bonsai. In the case of the Carmona, they are a genus made up of five species (C. heterophylla, C. lycioides, C. microphylla, C. retusa y C viminea) originating mainly from Southeast Asia and Australia.

They grow as shrubs or small trees 1 to 3 meters highwith small, lobed leaves of glossy dark green color and produce a large quantity of white flowers. The fruit is tiny, green, red or black, with a rounded shape. Also, if the conditions are right, they can develop a thick trunk.

How is Carmona bonsai cared for?

These are the care you need:

  • Location:
    • Outdoors: in full sun or in semi-shade.
    • Indoor: in a bright room, without drafts.
  • Substratum: the ideal is to mix akadama with 30% kiryuzuna.
  • Irrigation: moderate. About 4-5 times a week in summer, and about 2 times a week the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: in spring and summer with specific liquid fertilizers for bonsai following the indications specified on the packaging.
  • Pruning: in late winter, remove dry, diseased, weak or broken branches, and trim those that are getting too long.
  • Transplant: every 2-3 years, in spring.
  • Rusticity: very sensitive to cold. In the event that in the winter in your area the temperature drops below 0 degrees, you have to protect it either in a greenhouse or in a bright room away from drafts.

Not sure where to buy it? Do not worry: