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Lanterns are one of the most beautiful options for decorating a garden or terrace. Even a balcony. It gives them an exotic and curious touch, ideal for creating a magical atmosphere in that place.

But Do you know how to buy lanterns with heads? That is, adapting to your space and making it functional as well as decorative? Don’t worry, we help you to know how to choose the best ones and we give you some options.

Top 1. The best garden lantern


  • Solar lantern.
  • Pattern design.
  • Waterproof.


  • Low quality solar panel.
  • Small.

Selection of lanterns

Here we leave you other lanterns that may be interesting and that will adapt to your needs.

Jinfa | Outdoor glass lantern with LED lights

With a glass bottle design, this lantern stands out for its form, mixed with a metal support. It doesn’t illuminate much, and you’ll have to use batteries to do it.

It can be used to create ambient lighting on a table. Inside it has a chain of led strips that are the ones that illuminate.

TR Turn Raise 4.8 Meters 20 LED String Lights

It is a garland lantern lights that are recharged with solar energy. They are multicolored and are made up of 4,8 meters and 20 LEDs made of waterproof nylon to withstand the rain.

They work 6-8 hours after they have fully charged for the day.

Aigostar Outdoor lantern

With IP44 waterproof rating, so that it can be used outdoors, it uses thick bushings. Of course, the bulb is not included.

The design is timeless yet elegant and above all very functional.

Set of 4 oriental lanterns Basil Multicolor

These measure about 16 centimeters and are green, blue, lilac and orange. They are made of glass and metal. They have a Moroccan and oriental style.

As for the light, they use small round candles.

Lights4fun 26cm Small Wooden Lantern

Here you have a small 26 cm lantern with a battery-powered LED candle and a rope handle. You also have it available in 34 cm. Both are metal and wood and require batteries to operate. The led light will flicker like a real flame and has a 6 hour timer.

Lantern buying guide

When buying lanterns there are many aspects that you should consider to make an intelligent purchase. And it is that, many times, you can buy some but they do not serve you properly where you want to place them. Therefore, we are going to let you know what are the most important keys that you should consider. These are:


There are many sizes of lanterns on the market. Some are very large and some are very small. Why do you have to consider size? Because it will tell you how bright it is.

For example, imagine that you have a small terrace. If you place a large lantern, it will illuminate more, and that will cause you to feel uncomfortable in the place, as well as there being more glare or the light being scattered in areas where you do not want light. On the other hand, a very small one will make it not cover the entire extension, and in that case you will have to place more.

To know the ideal size of a lantern for where you want to put it, you have to guide you both by the size of that place as well as by the lumens of the bulbs (in case they carry) or what they illuminate. It will also influence if you want it to have a direct, general or ambient light.


Lanterns can be made from many materials, including paper. But the most durable are those that use light bulbs or have a solar light plate so that they are charged with light and at night they can illuminate the area.

Thus, you can meet:

  • Solar lanterns: They have a solar panel at the top that must be oriented towards the sun so that, during the day, they recharge autonomously and, at night, they can use those charges to light.
  • LED lanterns: they use led bulbs which are currently the most efficient. Depending on the lantern, you can use bulbs with more or less lumens to adapt them to your needs.
  • of candles: in this case they use candles to light up, although candles that are consumed or those with led light that simulate a candle but last much longer than the others (and are less dangerous) can be used.

Other important aspects

We do not want to forget that, although there are lanterns made of different materialsbeing the most resistant those of iron, stainless steel, etc., there is one more aspect to consider, and very important: the resistance to inclement weather.

Imagine that you have a lantern and it cannot be used when it is windy because it goes out (because it is a candle). Or one that, with the sun, deteriorates.

In this case we are referring to the sun and water protection that both the lanterns and the type of lighting they have must have. In this way you will not worry about the sun or water affecting its operation.

Price range

As for the price, everything will depend on the type of lanterns you want, both their size and the type and material with which they are made. You can find very different prices in the market, from 15 euros (for a pack of 6 paper) to a little more expensive if they are with solar panels.

Where to buy?

buy lanterns

buy lanterns

Do you want to buy lanterns? Well, now you have it much easier to find them and, above all, to find different models that fit perfectly with your decoration. Our store suggestions are as follows:

The Amazon

In Amazon you have a lot of variety, and best of all is that you can find lanterns of practically anything: paper, garlands, jars, lanterns… We like it a lot because some models are not known or stand out because you haven’t seen them before, so you have fewer problems to repeat with a neighbor, friend or family member.


In Ikea you will also find variety, but most of them with a proper lantern aesthetic. As for colors, you have white, black and silver, with different designs, some very nice.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has a section specifically for lanterns. In it you will find something that is not in Ikea: different shapes. If you look, they put many elongated, round, oval… without forgetting the most traditional.

Our recommendation is that, when buying lanterns, you take into account your decoration, the space to be illuminated and your own tastes. This way you will be able to adapt it perfectly to that place and you will enjoy it for a long time.

How to buy lanterns | Gardening On

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