How to buy large outdoor planters

large outdoor planters

When spring arrives, it is normal for those who love the garden to get down to work to check the plants, see those that are already in bloom, check if they need transplants and, also, buy large outdoor planters to change them.

If you are looking for this product, it is possible that the price is very present. But do you know that there are other determining factors? take a look at the best large outdoor planters and what you should pay attention to before deciding on one.

Top 1. The best large outdoor planter


  • It is modular.
  • You have treatment against UV rays.
  • square shape


  • It says it’s made of clay but some refer that it is plastic.
  • Fragile.
  • High price.

Selection of large outdoor planters

If you did not like the best large outdoor planter, we give you other options that you can take into account.

Prosperplast Wide Rectangular Pot, Large Capacity

In this case you have an elongated pot made of plastic and rattan, in dark ocher, with a large capacity. It is a planter that can be used for plants that do not develop many roots but do spread horizontally.

Count with one divider for two spaces, in such a way that you can plant two plants in the same pot.

2 Large 190L Fabric Pots with Handles and 2 Labels

Another option of Large outdoor planters are fabric ones. In this case you have a set of two, one 90 and the other 30 cm high. It is reusable, washable, weather resistant and has handles to move the plant wherever you want.

Jinfa | Plastic Flowerpot in the Shape of a Wine Barrel

This is one of the most original you will see on Amazon. With a wine barrel shape, you can use it as a “cover” for other pots, because it doesn’t come with holes in the base to plant on it.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be done. In case you want to use it for planting, you just have to open some holes.

Prosperplast Planter Urbi 50 cm High plastic

Made of plastic, this large outdoor planter is square and elongated, ideal for plants that need deep roots. It has a capacity of 26,6 liters, being able to reduce it to only 11 liters with another support.

You can have it in white or black (and it has other larger sizes).

Hobby Flower Basic – Round Pot with Self-Watering System

If you want to forget about irrigation and only worry from time to time, this is the best solution you can have. This pot, made of high-density polyethylene, and in a round shape, has a self-watering system so you only have to take care of it four times a year it.

Large outdoor planter buying guide

One of the mistakes when buying large outdoor planters is not thinking about its features. Sometimes pots are bought that are too big, or too small, for the plants that we want to put. Or a flower pot that, when loaded with the plant and the earth, it is practically impossible for us to carry it.

Therefore, take these factors into account when buying one:


The size It’s not going to be just the height and width of the pot, but also the diameter. The bigger, the heavier it can be once you fill it with soil and place the plant.

Therefore, adjust the size both to the plant and to the space or hole where you are going to put it.

One more aspect, related to size, is weight. This is important because if you are not able to carry a lot of weight, ceramic or terracotta pots will be more difficult to transport because they will weigh more than plastic ones.


As for the material, the truth is that the most common are ceramic, terracotta and plastic. Everyone has their pros and cons. For example, in the case of the terracotta protects the plant very welland it is the most used, but it also weighs much more, both empty and when you fill it with the plant (and if you are going to hang it, you have to take its weight into account).

With plastic, however, it is very light, both empty and with soil and plant. The drawback is that it absorbs more heat and can cause the roots to suffer from high temperatures.


Large outdoor planters have different colors. White, grey, black, beige, brown… The truth is that depending on the material you choose, you will be able to find it in a greater or lesser variety of colors.

Also, you could also paint them. The terracotta ones lend themselves to it. In the case of ceramic ones, no, but since they usually come with designs, you won’t need it either. And the plastic ones? They would not be painted either, but here you will have variety.

Price range

Finally, the price is another factor to take into account. You can find large outdoor planters from 10 euros. Everything will depend on the materials and the size of the pot.

Where to buy?

buy large outdoor planters

buy large outdoor planters

Now that you know what you should look for to buy large outdoor planters, all think about the places to buy them. We will We propose two stores that we have seen that have adequate models and prices. Take note:

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the first options that we recommend for several reasons. One of them is that, when you take the orders home, you will not have to carry large outdoor planters (some are very heavy).

In addition, it has bQuite a variety, including some designs that you have not seen before on other sites. And by having models made from different materials, it also helps you choose more thoroughly.


In the case of Ikea, it has its own section of outdoor planters and accessoriesbut you’ll have to look by size to find the big ones. Even so, they have them, in different materials such as plastic, ceramic or terracotta.

Now it’s your turn to choose large outdoor planters that are consistent with the plants you want to have outside and also with your decoration. Which ones will you choose?

How to buy large outdoor planters

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