How to buy liquid fertilizer for plants

liquid fertilizer for plants

Plants, in addition to the watering and light they need to grow, also need some extras to nourish themselves. We are talking about liquid fertilizer for plants, or solid, or in capsules.

Now, which is the best on the market? Are they all valid for all types of plants? What to look for when you go to buy one? If you have all these doubts, and some more, this guide can help you to know how to choose the best liquid fertilizer for plants.

Top 1. The best liquid fertilizers for plants



  • Some plants do not improve after starting to use it.
  • It may arrive broken.

Selection of liquid fertilizers for plants

Discover a selection of liquid fertilizers that help your plants to develop correctly.

COMPO Quality fertilizer for indoor or terrace ornamental plants

It is an ideal liquid mineral fertilizer for indoor, balcony or terrace plants. Promotes flower growth and optimizes plant resistance.

Flower Universal Liquid Fertilizer

Ideal for healthy and vigorous growth. This compound of multinutrients and as a vitamin complex. It is advisable to follow the dose indicated on the package and not exceed the one established by the manufacturer.

universal fertilizer

It is a nutritional complex of rapid assimilation. It is formulated for any type of plant and you just have to follow the instructions that come on the package.

Concentrated liquid fertilizer for all types of Plants and Flowers

It is a fertilizer you can use all year. It is indicated for all types of plants and has visible results in a very short time. Composed of high quality plant extracts and selected microelements.

Boom Nutrients | Organic flowering fertilizer

It is an organic fertilizer for flowering plants. It is 100% natural, rich in sugars. Ideal for the flowering season of plants.

Buying guide for a liquid fertilizer for plants

If you have plants, the most normal thing is that you want them to be always as careful as possible so that they offer you their best vision. But to get it It is necessary to add a little fertilizer every so often.

If you like to use liquid fertilizer for plants, surely when you go to the store you always doubt if the one you are adding is really the best, or if there would be another one that would be better for your plant.

Therefore, when buying, you should take into account some important aspects such as the following:


When choosing liquid fertilizers for plants, you should keep in mind that these can be divided into several types according to the factors that frame them. For example, if they are classified according to the type of absorption of the plant, we would have root absorption fertilizers, that is, they absorb nutrients through the roots; or foliar, which absorb them through the leaves.

If the classification is by presentation, liquid fertilizers for plants can be suspensions or mixtures, which is more of a solid (or powder) fertilizer that is combined with a liquid (hence you have to shake it before using); or solutions, which is the most common and which mixes the liquid 100% with the fertilizer itself.

There is no one better than another, but each one acts in a different way. The most common are those that are mixed with irrigation water, but the others can also be just as effective.

Price range

As for the price, the truth is that this will depend a lot on the brand and the type of fertilizer you choose, in addition to the presentation (a 250ml fertilizer is not the same as a 2-litre fertilizer.

The scale can be between the 2 and the 80 euros (the latter for larger amounts of fertilizer).

How do you apply a liquid fertilizer for plants?

Depending on the type of liquid fertilizer for plants that you purchase, the application will depend. If it is radicular, that is, it acts on the roots, it is best to mix it with the irrigation water to add it when watering it.either above (small amount) or letting it absorb from below).

If it is foliar, the most normal thing is to apply it in the form of a spray on the leaves and branches so that they assimilate it. This requires always applying it first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, but not when the sun shines the most because it can burn the leaves.

Even so, it is normal to use it in the first way.

How to make a homemade liquid fertilizer?

If you don’t want to buy a liquid fertilizer, but you have plants and want to give it something natural, how about trying something homemade? You can actually make it with just three ingredients:

  • Water.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Get out of Epsom.

The proportion is a tablespoon of baking soda and salt for every 4 liters of water. Once you mix it, you can apply it to your plants and give them what they really need.

Where to buy?

buy liquid fertilizer

buy liquid fertilizer

Now that you know more about liquid fertilizer for plants, shopping will surely be much easier for you. But since we want to help you with everything, you should know that there are some stores where these products are most sought after. Which? We tell you below.

The Amazon

On Amazon you have the advantage of finding many brands, even unknown in Spain, that they are good The problem is that sometimes the price of these products is higher than if you bought them outside the online store.


In Lidl you have from time to time temporary offers of gardening products, as are liquid fertilizers. These are of good quality and the price is affordable, but they are not available for more than a few days in physical stores. You may be lucky and find them online.

Garden stores and nurseries

Another option to buy liquid fertilizer for plants are gardening stores and nurseries, although in these places you will hardly find a few brands, but they are the ones that they themselves use to treat the plants they sell, so they are of good quality.

Is it already clear to you which liquid fertilizer for plants are you going to buy?

How to buy liquid fertilizer for plants

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