How to buy solar garden lights? Discover the best models

Put solar lamps in your garden

We live in a world in which we are increasingly aware of how important it is to take care of the planet. But if in addition to that we want to save money, one of the things we can do is buy solar garden lightssince although it is hard to believe a priori, they are not as expensive as you might think.

And that’s not to mention the precious effect they give regardless of the style of our particular paradise. So, if you want or need to give light to your garden, take note of the advice on how to buy them that we offer below.

Selection of the best models of garden lights

Brand Features Price range


Solar wall lights

solar wall lights

Wish there were solar lights on the wall? And that they ignited just with the movement?

If you have answered yes, this model is ideal for you. Composed of 4 units, with 10 LED lights each, you will enjoy.


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Solar Garden Lamp Model

Garden Solar Lamp Model

If you need to put lights on the ground, such as on the lawn, then solar pole lamps like the ones in this model are ideal.

They have six LED lights each, and the most interesting that they can be rotated up to 350º.


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Solar Path Light Model

Solar Pathway Light Model

Walking through garden paths is a magnificent experience, but at night it is even more so if the light is provided by a lamp like this.

It has a switch that, when activated, the lights will turn on when it gets dark.


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Solar light model for emergencies

Solar light model for emergencies

Being outdoors when the sun has already given way to the moon and having an emergency is a problem when there is no light. But this can be easily avoided with this model of solar lamp.

It has a 2400mAH rechargeable battery, which ensures you up to ten hours of light on a single charge.


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MagicLux Tech

Solar garden lights

solar garden lights

Having lights outdoors allows you to do many things at night, such as a family dinner, or read a good book until late. If those lights are also as decorative as these, the experience is magnificent.

There are 200 LED lights in a lead circuit of around two meters that you can place wherever you want.


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Our recommendation

So far we have seen the models of solar garden lights with a good value for money, but Which is the most interesting? Well, it depends on where you want to put the lamps and what you are going to need that light for. And it is not the same to be taking a dip in the pool than wanting to beautify the place.

For this reason, we are going to be practical and we are going to recommend a model of solar lamps that fulfills the function of being decorative and functional:


  • Battery that recharges with sunlight and lasts up to 30 hours.
  • String of lights with 12 glass balls that emit warm lights.
  • It has two modes: one in which they emit light of a single color, and two in which the bulbs change colors.
  • It is waterproof, perfect to have outside all year round, rain, snow or shine.


The truth is that we do not see any. But if you are a person who wants a lamp with a really powerful light, this model may not be the one you like the most.

How to buy solar garden lights?

Solar lights have to be waterproof

Solar lights have to be waterproof

Acquiring some lights whose batteries are recharged only by sunlight is a wonder, since you will be able to see the garden in a totally different way than it does during the day. You can even extend your gardening day, or do things that until now you could not do, such as having a drink with friends or sitting at the foot of a tree to contemplate the landscape.

But there are many solar lights, and choosing a model is not always easy. So to avoid displeasure and problems, here you have a kind of buying guide that, we hope, will solve any doubts you may have:

Usefulness of sunlight

This is the first thing to think about. Are you going to want it to decorate, that is, to beautify a place, or do you need it to be able to live outside? In the first case, the decorative lights, the garlands, the lamps with colored lights, etc. they are perfect for you; In a second, you will have to look for lights that can be fixed on the wall or on the floor and that are powerful.

Battery duration

It is also important, although less, the charging time required by the battery. This time must be short, while long duration. How much? It depends on the function of the lights and the time you want to be outside. In general, the ones that are decorative last longer hours than those that are really functional.

Light power

This issue is very important to take into account. Do you need functional or decorative light? If it is the former, it must be powerful, have the more LED lights the better (some have up to 100), since otherwise it will not be enough. But if it is only ornamental, it does not have to have a lot of power; in fact, there are some models that only have 6, maybe 10 LEDs.


In principle, all models of solar lights are resistant to rain. But just in case read well the characteristics of the one you liked the most as this will ensure you have unpleasant surprises.


Although all the models that we have seen here fall more or less within the same price range, if you have and / or want to put many lights it is interesting to look for one that is cheap and of quality, because we all know that only one or two can be cheap , but when there are a few more … they are not so much . If you doubt any, look for buyer opinions; This way you will avoid getting upset.

Are they worth buying?

Solar lights are highly recommended

Solar lights are highly recommended

Well, It depends a lot on the garden it is, as well as the tastes of each one. I can tell you that for my garden, which is rather small, I would put some but decorative ones on it, because I am a person who is satisfied with the light of the moon. But if it were rather big, I didn’t even think about it.

The lighting of solar lamps opens up a world of very interesting possibilities. Thanks to it you can have a house and / or its beautified exteriors, you can have tea or whatever you like the most even if the sun has set;… anyway. It is highly, highly recommended to have lamps of this type if you are someone with a lot of social life, or if you simply love to be in your garden until night.

Where to buy solar garden lights?

Finding solar lights for sale is not difficult, for that you can go to or visit the web pages of:


This is an online shopping center that sells everything. As buyers can make their evaluations, it is easy to choose the solar light model that best suits your needs, since there is also a wide price range.


In the Ikea they sell practically everything you could need for your garden, and of course also lamps or lights, whether decorative or functional. In addition, they have a great variety of very curious models: some even have the shape of a ladybug, or a beach ball, or a flower.

Leroy Merlin

This shopping center is very popular for the wide variety of furniture it has for both the home and the garden. It also has an interesting catalog of solar lamps designed specifically for the outdoors with quite affordable prices.

Solar Garden Light Lamps

Solar Garden Lights Lamps

So what, do you dare to get a few solar lights?

How to buy solar garden lights? Discover the best models

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