How to choose garden sheds?

Wooden garden shed

wooden garden shed

Whether you have a small, medium or large garden, Surely it will be good for you to have a place where you can store gardening tools and other objects. You may think that it does not combine anything with your home, but the truth is that in the market you can find so many models that it is very difficult that we do not like any of them. Also, if you don’t really like its facade, you always have the option of placing flowers and other plants around it, as if it were a hidden house.

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Shed in a garden

shed in a garden

To correctly choose the garden shed, the first thing to know is what use is going to be given (storage, playhouse, garage), since depending on it it will be more advisable to opt for some models or others. For example, if what you want is a little house for leisure, you can use one like the one seen in the image above, with a narrower door, windows, and a very decorative facade.

Once we know what use we will give it, we will have to choose the size. To do this, first of all, we have to delimit the exterior space with a rope where the shed will be, and calculate the square meters that there are.

  • Until 4 m2: it is indicated to store garden chairs, small tools or to use as a kennel for animals.
  • Until 10 m2: suitable for storing garden tools and machinery, such as the lawnmower.
  • Until 16 m2: suitable for storing garden furniture, wheelbarrows, tractors, brush cutters, motor hoes …
  • Until 40 m2– Can be used as a guest room or garage.
  • Children’s hut: designed for the leisure of the little ones in the house.

Garden shed

garden shed

Now, you have to look at the material. Garden sheds can be built in:

  • Wood: with or without floor. We distinguish two types:
    • Treated: it has a greenish color and resists humidity. It can be decorated directly.
    • Untreated: Before assembling, you will need a varnish or stain treatment of all parts individually to protect it from fungi, moisture and xylophagous insects.
  • Galvanized metal– Shock and corrosion resistant, plus hose clean. But they do not include soil and do not resist salty air or strong winds.
  • Resin: they are the most recommended, since they are easy to assemble and very resistant to both saline air and sunlight. Many of them include soil.

And if we need even more space, we can choose to place a porch.

Do you already know what type of booth you are going to choose?

How to choose garden sheds?

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