maple bonsai

A bonsai is a great little work of art where both the worked plant and its pot combine so well that they make any of us want to have such a jewel at home. But we do not always give the importance of the complement that protects the roots of our project.

When we go to a nursery and we go to the section of these plants we usually see that all, or practically all, are in the same type of more or less rectangular ceramic tray, blue or white, which is not quite correct . Each one needs their own, but How to choose the bonsai pot?

bonsai pots

bonsai pots

The bonsai tray is that complement that, in a way, ago the bonsai itself. So that a plant can grow healthy in it it has to be worked by the humanregularly pruning both the roots and the branches. In this way, the development of the plant can be controlled while allowing it to look beautiful.

When we transfer our tree or shrub to a tray for the first time, or when we have bought a bonsai in a nursery and we have to transplant it, we must take into account the aesthetics of the plant itself. This means that it is important that we choose that tray that not only highlights the beauty of the bonsai but also, when combined with it, should be seen as a harmonious set.

Bonsai on display

bonsai on display

Choosing it is not always easy. In fact, it is quite a complicated task. So that it is not so, There are a series of * rules that we can take into account which are:

  • The width of the tray should be around 2/3 of the height of the tree.
  • The height of the tray should be one to two times the thickness of the log at its base.
  • A high gloss enamel tray is recommended for trees already producing flowers.
  • If it is a deciduous tree, you can use both an enameled and unglazed tray.
  • For conifers (pines, cypresses, etc.) unglazed trays should be used.
  • We will choose rounded trays for trees with a “feminine” aspect and for trees with a lot of curves, and angled trays for those with a more or less straight trunk.
  • The color of the tray should never stand out more than the color of the bonsai itself.

Still these rules they are not strict. In the end, what matters most is choosing a large enough plant where the plant can be well .

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