How to choose the pots for plants?

Pots are essential objects for growing plants

The pots they are something we don’t usually think about much when we go to buy them; we simply take those that we like the most and that have an affordable price, and that’s it. But the truth is that we should give them more importance, not in vain, in them the plants that we take care of with so much care will grow.

In addition, it is important to know that, depending on the material with which they are made, they will require one maintenance or another. So to last us a long time, Below we will offer you many tips that will allow you to take advantage of them as many years as possible.

What are flower pots?

Pots are very necessary objects when growing

Pots are very necessary objects when growing

Yes, we know. We know well that you know – forgive the redundancy – what a flowerpot is. Surely you see and even catch some every day, but … let’s remember the meaning of the word. This refers to a container in which plants are grownthat is, living beings that need water and nutrients that they absorb from the earth, or in this case, from the substrate.

There are many types and sizesso it is very easy to choose the one that is not quite suitable for our crops. Succulents are often seen in ceramic pots without holes, something that is a huge mistake since they are condemned to death by rotting of their roots, caused by permanent contact with stagnant water; or palm trees of a certain size in some that are too small, something that weakens them a lot and that, over time, could cause them to dry out.

What types of pots are there?

Broadly speaking, they can be classified into four large groups: clay, ceramic, wood and plastic.

Clay pot

This type of container is the most suitable for plants -except for carnivores and orchids-, as the rough mud allows the roots to take hold better, which contributes to healthier development and growth. As a general rule, it is recommended to use those that have drainage holes, unless they are aquatic in which case drainage is not necessary.

The maintenance of clay pots consists of, wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and make them look pretty. But in addition, we can extend its useful life by doing the following:

  • Between transplantation and transplantation, immerse it in a bucket with water for 24 hours.
  • If you see that it begins to acquire a whitish tone, wipe with a damp cloth or linseed oil brush (on sale here!).

Selection of the best models

Brand Features Price range


Clay pot for plants

Clay pot for plants

These pots are ideal for young or small plants, as they have a diameter and a height of 6,5cm.

€ 15,93 / pack of 12 units

Get it here

Potters Damian Canovas

Low pot model

low pot model

Do you love low pots? This is perfect for growing plants with few roots, such as many succulents or even herbs. Its measurements are 25 x 12cm, and it is accompanied by the plate. €16,58

Get it here

terra hilker

45cm terracotta pot model

45cm clay pot model

If you have a plant that is large, you will need a suitable pot for it, like this one that is 45 x 45 centimeters wide and high. €35,48

Get it here

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are very beautiful, with a very high ornamental value. But they have a drawback: they are made of a material that breaks easily, and they do not usually have holes for drainage.

But what is negative for certain crops is very interesting for others. And is that have small aquatic plants in themeither outside or inside the home, It is an idea that should not be missed.

Selection of the best models

Brand Features Price range


White ceramic pot

White ceramic pot

This is a beautiful 15,5 x 15,5cm diameter white ceramic pot in which you can plant anything, as it has a hole for drainage. €14,93

Get it here

Lene bears

Ceramic flowerpot of the brand Lene Bjerre

Ceramic pot from the brand Lene Bjerre

Are you looking for a model that has a somewhat different design? This one, with dimensions of 14 x 14cm, is ideal for people like you, who want the pots to be special and to help beautify the plants. €19,83

Get it here

MICA Decorations

Ceramic flowerpot

ceramic pot

It looks like silver, but it is ceramic. It measures 17 x 17cm, and is so different from the rest that growing something in it is really interesting. €20,05

Get it here

Wooden pots

Wooden pots They are one of the most ideal when you want to include, for example, in the design of a rustic patio or garden. Being natural, they combine perfectly with the elements that we can find in these places.

But be careful: they need, like the clay ones, an annual pass with linseed oil specific for wood, like this one they sell No products found..

Selection of the best models

Brand Features Price range


Barrel-shaped flowerpot model

Barrel-shaped pot model

It looks like a rustic, traditional barrel on the surface, but you fill it with substrate and a few small plants, and it looks beautiful on you. It has a diameter of 49 centimeters. There is nothing! €26,72

Get it here

Larissa Wood

Wooden flower pot model

wooden flower pot model

When you intend to have a fantastic flower arrangement, you need a pot like this one, hexagonal, with a diameter of 40 centimeters.


Get it here


Square wooden planter from the Blinky brand

Square wooden flower pot from the Blinky brand

This is a great pot for those who love order and / or make the most of space. It is square, and measures 40 x 40cm. €55,17

Get it here

Plastic pots

Another option is the plastic pots. But due to the effect of the sun, they break easily. That is why, as far as possible, buy light-colored pots, especially white, since they will be the ones that will best repel these rays. You can also find plastic pots specially made for outdoor use. They are very beautiful and, above all, inexpensive.

They are the most advisable when we intend to create a collection, or we do not have much budget to acquire clay. A trick to make them last longer is the following: paint them. Yes, yes, bring out your creative side and draw pictures on them. Thus, you will have your own personalized pots, and incidentally, you will be giving them a few more years of utility.

Selection of the best models

Brand Features Price range
SaturniaSaturnia plastic flower pot modelSaturnia Plastic Pot Model Classic, but elegant. So is this model that measures 18 x 12,5cm. A very suitable pot to grow bulbs, flowers, aromatics … and any small plant.


Get it here

The Ho

Anthracite pot model

Anthracite pot model

If you think that the brown color in the pots is very seen, dare with this model in an anthracite color that, in addition, has a very beautiful floral pattern. Its dimensions are 29,5 x 29,5. €6,59

Get it here

terra hilker

Terra Hilker Plastic Flower Pot Model

Terra Hilker plastic mallet model

This pot, being wider than it is tall when measuring 25cm in diameter by 11,5cm high, is ideal for growing trees that have started to work as bonsai, bulbous, and making succulent compositions. €10,55

Get it here

How to choose the pot?

To buy the most suitable one it is important that you ask yourself these questions:

What is the size of the plant you want to plant?

This is, perhaps, the most important thing. You cannot plant a small plant in a large pot, nor a large plant in a small one. In the first case, the roots would end up rotting due to having a lot of substrate and humid; in the second, well, in the second, said plant would not fit .

Ideally, buy a container that is 3-5cm larger in diameter than the one you already have.. And if they are seedlings, they should be planted in ones that are rather small, such as those that measure about 10cm in diameter or even less.

With or without holes?

Generally, they must always be with holes. The water that is left over when watering must be able to come out, otherwise the roots will rot. There is only one exception: aquatic plants. These can – in fact, it is what has to be done – cultivated without problems in pots without holes.

What material do you want it from?

Pots are of various types, as we have seen, and all of them have their peculiarities. The clay and wooden ones are very decorative, great for almost all plants, but they are somewhat expensive and also require maintenance; the plastic ones, on the other hand, become, perhaps, too conventional, and if they are not treated, they break after a few years, but they are inexpensive.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend buying clay or wood if you are going to have few copies, and / or if you want one to stand out in particular, and plastic if you are a collector and / or do not want to spend a lot of money.

What plant are you going to plant?

Normally, this is not usually asked, because pot material only matters when we grow carnivores, orchids or aquatic. The former, as we anticipated at the beginning, are planted in plastic pots since this is a material that does not decompose easily and, as a consequence, does not release nutrients; orchids, if they are epiphytes (such as Phalaenopsis) as they have aerial roots, they must be in transparent plastic containers; and the aquatic ones must be in those that do not have holes.

How much money do you have?

If you have and / or do not feel like spending a lot, get plastic potsor even make your own recycled pots with old tires, paint buckets that have been left empty, plastic bottles, glasses of yogurt, … Practically anything that is waterproof and has or can have holes made serves as a container for plants.

And if, on the other hand, you have and / or want, buy some clay to further embellish your patio or garden.

Where to buy pots?

Today you can buy them in many places, among which the following stand out:

Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin pot catalog it is quite wide. They have indoor, outdoor, self-watering, for orchids and even supports for them. Their products are certainly worth taking a look at as they offer home delivery service.


Ikea pots and planters they are very pretty, and in a wide price range. They have plastic, ceramic, and even wood. In addition, you can buy them through their website and receive them at home.


In stores and garden centers, of course, they sell all kinds of pots. They usually have a large number of models at different prices, shapes and colorsso you should definitely go visit them if you want to buy some.

We hope we have helped you choose the best ones .

How to choose the pots for plants?

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