How to clean the leaves of plants

View of the leaves of Calathea ornata

Calathea decorated

The plants that we have inside our homes, with the passing of the days and especially of the weeks, get ugly, but not because they have any plague, but because of the dust. That dust composed of remains of our skin (because yes, humans also shed, although not in such an exaggerated way as snakes), the dirt that may fall from the walls of the house and the dust that may enter from outside.

All this ends… where it ends: on the furniture, on the floor,… and also on the sheets. Therefore, from time to time we will have to dust them, but Do you know how to clean the leaves of plants?

Plants with small leaves and cacti

Fern NephrolepsisNephrolepsis fern


Plants that have very small leaves, or those succulent cacti (cacti) are really difficult to clean in the conventional way, that is, with a cloth, so what to do to keep them beautiful? Well nothing more and nothing less than clean them with a small brush brushwithout moistening.

Thus, with the same delicacy with which a painter draws his work of art, we will pass the brush to them trying to remove all the dirt they may have.

Plants with large leaves

Specimen Anthurium andraeanusSpecimen of Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum

Plants with large leaves are very easy to clean. You can use a brush, but in these cases I recommend more wipe them with a cloth moistened with milk. The milk achieves the same effect as with a leaf polish that we can find for sale in nurseries: the leaves regain their natural shine, so they look much healthier.

They can also be cleaned with wateras long as it is distilled, rain or lime free. Of course, regardless of what we choose after cleaning them, we must avoid putting them near a window where sunlight can reach, since doing so when the leaves are wet could still burn.

Do you know any other tricks to keep them clean?

How to clean the leaves of plants

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