How to decorate cages with plants

How to decorate cages with plants

When you imagine a cage in your mind, it is normal that there is a bird inside it. It is the usual use that is given to the cages. But it is not unique. And, what if you learn how to decorate cages with plants? It is a way to reuse something that you do not have in use and it also looks very good.

So this time, We are going to talk to you about everything you need to know to decorate cages with plants and how to do it. You dare?

What do you need to decorate cages with plants?

When it comes to reusing a cage to put plants in it instead of a bird, you need some essential elements.

The first of them is, without a doubt, the cage. And on a decorative level, not just anyone is worth it. Always choose one that is beautiful, that has an elegant design, we could even say vintage.

It is true that you can use anyand the result will be beautiful. But if you use prettier cages, you’re going to get a better design.

The next thing you need is a cover or something similar. We explain to you. As you know, you are going to turn your cage into a “pot” for plants. And that implies that If you pour dirt, it is normal for it to fall through the bars and I can’t stand you To prevent this, a sheath or the like is used. For example, a piece of felt, or cardboard, even a dark fabric.

The objective of this is to cover the bars a bit in such a way that, when you throw earth, it does not fall. But not only that, but it will also help you with watering or to prevent the substrate that is in it from falling out when the cage is moved (which, if you put it indoors, prevents you from having to clean it continuously because the dirt falls off).

Finally, the plants and the earth. Many times succulents are chosen to decorate the cages with plants. But actually you could put many types of plants. Of course, it must be taken into account that the space is small and if the plant grows a lot, there will come a point where you will need to remove it from there (and replace it with another).

Ideas for decorating cages with plants

decorate cages with plants okdiariodecorate cages with plants okdiario

Source: Daily Ok

Now that you know everything you’re going to need to decorate cages with plants, it’s time to know how to do it, right?

The process in all cases is the same. The first thing to do is keep the cage clean. This is something that they don’t usually tell you, but it is very important because in this way you avoid pests and diseases that can affect the plants. So try to clean it before.

Now, put that felt, cloth, etc. to prevent the earth from escaping. Some use normal cages (the ones you find easily in the market) and take advantage of the drawer where what the birds throw away accumulates to use it as a container for the earth. Not a bad idea either.

We have to fill with earth and here we want to make a stop. And it is that, Depending on the plants you are going to put, you need one mixture or another. For example, if they are succulents or succulents, you will have to put a special substrate for those plants, mixing silica sand.

Don’t forget to put some drainage holes. It is important that you have them so that the water does not accumulate and rot (affecting the plants, but also the smell of your house).

Once you have the land and everything is set up, the last step is to plant the plants. You must be careful because you need them to be able to escape from the cage. Or that they are contained within. Make sure you choose some that hardly need watering to prevent everything from falling apart.

We also recommend that you choose plants that are hanging. And it is that, as normal, you hang the cage, in this way you will get that, when the plants grow, they come out of the cage and hang, creating a very beautiful waterfall effect.

Don’t overload it too much, especially since each plant must have its space. At first it will not look good but as soon as they take hold and start to grow it will change.

cage planter

One of the ideas that we can give you is to use a cage as a planter. That is, having a large pot and placing it inside an even larger cage as if it were locked up. You can easily find it and it will look strange at first, but then it will be very striking.

Small cages as a centerpiece

cages with succulents Youtube Artencasacages with succulents Youtube Artencasa

Source: Youtube Artencasa

If you get small cages you can use them to place small leafy plants to decorate them. Even combining some succulents with a central plant that gives you flowers. Of course, remember that you must respect the space between plants so that they have room to grow.

cages with rose bushes

Another option that you can do is place a mini rose bush inside. Make sure that as it grows, you remove the branches in such a way that, when it flowers, it looks like it is trying to escape from the cage (also so it won’t be too contained inside).

broken cages

If you have a cage but don’t want to do all of the above, you could split it in half lengthwise. This way you would have two halves of the cage. And for what? You may place one half on a table and place a pot in front of it. Visually it will appear that it is in the cage, but it really is not.

Large cages for large pots

As you know, cages come in many sizes, including large ones (jaulones) that are very tall and wide. these we could use them at home to place pots inside. For example, one or two tall ones (with a small tree or bush) and one hanging from the irons of this one.

Visually it will attract attention, because it is not normal to find pots inside a cage. But it will give a very nice touch to the place where you place it.

hanging cage with pot

hanging cage with pot

As you see, there is many ways to decorate cages with plants. Our suggestion is that you look at the different options on Google images and choose the one you like the most to reproduce it at home. Although most cages are vintage in style, they can also be made with regular cages, just the result is a little different. Do you dare to try?

How to decorate cages with plants

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