How to make artificial plants: three easy and quick crafts

How to make artificial plants

There are times when, as much as we want to have plants at home, it is not possible. Either due to lack of time, because the house is not suitable for the plants, or for other reasons. But what if we teach you how to make artificial plants?

Yeah, we know they won’t be the same, but at least visually you will see something of nature in your house without having to worry about watering it, controlling pests, etc. Do you want to know how to make them?

How to make artificial plants with plastic bottles

Actually, there are many ways to make artificial plants, so the first option that we propose is also to recycle a bit and use those plastic bottles that you have at home (and that you later take to recycle) to give them a new use, the of artificial plants.

Although it is a “craft” that will require some time, even without being very handy you can get down to work with it.

As you will see in the video, To make this little plant, all he uses are 500 ml bottles. This one is cut below the label to cut it completely, and then another vertical cut to later remove the part of the cap and be left with a wide surface that will be the one to work with.

On that surface you must cut a leaf (we assume that for each bottle you could get 2-3 leaves). And you must leave this leaf with some stem and cut it as if it were a “palm tree”, that is, cut very fine threads leaving a space between them.

In total you have to make 10 sheets. Next you will have to create the trunk that you will do with a rolled paper and green tape (at first) covering everything). On that tape is how you should stick the leaves you have made, thus giving the consistency of an artificial plant. Finally, with brown tape, cover the lower part of that paper in such a way that you will already have a plant and you will only have to place it in a vase or in a pot making it stay (for example, placing lechuza pon, papers (what it is better to cover everything with a green blanket so that it gives the sensation of moss).

vase with artificial flowers

vase with artificial flowers

How to make artificial plants with masking tape

This craft is somewhat easier than the previous one, and may give you less headaches, at least at first. For this, you will need a few elements such as: masking tape, a bit of wire (at least 10 cm), tempera, a soda cap (it does not matter the brand, or if it is water), rope, white glue and hot silicone.

The first thing will be to glue the end of the string to the stopper from the top (that is, not from the inside). For this you will have to do it with hot silicone because it is what will give it more consistency. You have to keep hitting it, making a snail with it until you cover the entire stopper with it. With white glue you will also start to glue it on the sides. The goal is for the entire stopper to be covered with string.

Once you have it, cut the excess string and let it dry.

Now you should start with the fine wire. Cut about 10 wires of about 10 cm each. With the masking tape, you will have to cover the wire (arrange the tape, place at least half of the wire in the center and with it on cover the other side in such a way that you will have half of the wire covered and the other not) .

Next you have to make the silhouette of the leaves with a pen. You can paint them before cutting them or after, as you feel more comfortable. Let it dry and, with a slightly darker mixture, give it some touches so that the color remains asymmetrical. Remember that you must paint both sides.

With transparent nail polish you can give it shine.

Finally, and with a foam rubber inside the stopper, you can go puncturing the wire inside the stopper to give it the look of plant you want.

Also, you can make it bigger if you want.

plants in a pot

plants in a pot

Artificial plants with adhesive paper

Similar to the above, in this case, instead of using masking tape, adhesive paper is used, which allows you to create larger sheets.

To make it, you will need green adhesive paper, wire, and a leaf template.

The wire should be of a larger size, at least 30 centimeters. This should be half covered with adhesive paper.

Once you have it, you must put the template on top and cut it out. So you will have your first sheet. You may make the designs you want since the adhesive paper can be of many different sizes.

Once you have all you need we recommend putting them in a vase that is not transparent to make a flower arrangement of leaves.

artificial flower bouquet

artificial flower bouquet

make an artificial bouquet

In this case it will be a bouquet of flowers, but in reality, it will be made up of petals. If you have any deciduous trees on hand, you will know that the leaves turn yellow and fall off. Really, they are perfect, only the tree drops them to endure the winter.

Well, you can collect all of them and, with a wire or a stick, stick each of the petals together, thus forming a flower. The best are the leaves of gingko biloba but if you do not have this on hand you can use other trees.

Once you create the flowers, you will only have to join them as if they were a bouquet and you will have it forever because it is very rare for those leaves to go bad (at least for a while).

We leave you a video so you can see what we are referring to.

As you see, there are many ways to make artificial plants. These will not give you more work once you have them (you will not have to water them or fertilize them…, the only thing is to clean the dust from them every so often) and they will make the corners of your house very happy. Would you dare to make your own plants? How would you combine them?

How to make artificial plants: three easy and quick crafts

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