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plant radishes

If you have a small space to make a garden and you want to look for an option of small plants to planta good idea for this would be radishes. They have the quality of a fairly accelerated growth and state of maturity, some species can take up to three weeks and in general, they are quite resistant plants.

Before anything else, the first thing to do is choose what type of radish you want to sowsince there are many varieties from which we can choose, but for those gardeners who do not have experience in the technique of sowing, it is recommended start with the cherry belle that have a maturity time of 22 days.

Steps to grow radishes

grow radishes

grow radishes

Spring radishes are what tend to grow fasterOn the other hand, the autumn ones, although they are quite similar, can take 6 to 8 weeks to reach their state of maturity. The cherry belle They are those that have a red color on the outside and are white on the inside, they also have a mild flavor.

On the other hand, winter radishes are usually large, take much longer to mature and have more starch than spring and summer species. If you want to choose between winter radishes, it is advisable to sow them in late summer to grow them in autumn or winter.

If you are already clear about the type of radish you want to grow, the next thing to do is choose the appropriate place to plant them. For this, it must be taken into account that they are plants that need a lot of sun, choosing a place with little shade and enough light is ideal, stones that may cause obstruction should also be removed, since the roots become entangled around what be on the ground and the water has to run smoothly. In the same way, it is necessary to provide them with organic matter fertilizer so that they absorb enough nutrients.

Keep in mind that radishes cannot get excess sunlightas they can produce seeds.

If you want to maintain a constant production of radishes, you have to carry out a program. Spring radishes have a germination time of 5 days and its harvest time can be 3 to 4 weeks.

By sowing these plants, the seeds should be buried about 12,5 mm and be separated by 25 mm. At the time of germination, the plants that have grown have to be cut about 5 cm, so that there is enough space to plant more varieties and the separation of the rows in which the plants are sown should be 30 cm. The larger varieties require more space for its growth, for that the seeds must be buried about 25 or 40 mm deep.

caring radishes

radish care

Radishes should be watered properly as they grow, the soil should not have too much water. One of the signals to know if radishes are ready for cultivation is the diameter of its rootIt should be 2,5 cm or you can also stir the soil a little and see if a bulb has grown.

When growing radishes, some inconveniences usually occur, some of these may be the fungi or the appearance of insects in the garden. When you have fungal problems, one of the signs is the appearance of the plant, if the leaves are discolored or present leaf spotsthe diseased plant should be removed and if the leaves turn brown, you just have to put enough organic matter on them.

If the problem is insects in the garden, it should be noted if the plant has tunnels, holes in the leaves and their colors, for example and when it comes to worms, they can be eliminated by pouring wood ash at the base of the plants.

If it is other insects such as beetles, it is advisable to use diatomite, which when pulverized becomes a flat powder and is a natural insecticide.

How to plant radishes? | Gardening On

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