How to recover dead plants?

dry and dead plants

Plants like humans go through difficult times, you can practically identify causes of problemsbut generally not possible. For example, when the leaves wither, it is easy to detect that the problem is lack of waterHowever, in other cases it is not something that is so evident.

The problems that cause our plant to die they are the excess of sun or the lack of it, dry climate or lack of nutrients in the soil. So throughout this article we will give you small tips to recover your dead plantKeep in mind that recovery is not always immediate and that it can take from one to two months, in addition to the fact that you will need to be constant, do not lose patience and do not give up on recovering them, they will eventually be healthy again.

Steps to recover a dead plant

recover a dead plant

recover a dead plant

The first thing you should do in your plant is remove those leaves that are wiltedAlways very carefully when removing them, observing the shoots very well, they are often great potential for the growth of new leaves.

You should also carefully check the center of the stem, since many times it may appear on the outside that the stem is withered but inside you will be able to see a greenish color as you cut closer to the root. After a month or so new branches will be coming out of the ones you cut.

You must keep in mind the change the container of your plantsince many times plants germinate in small containers, but if the plant grows a lot it is necessary to change the receptacle so that it has space to grow.

You must be very aware of the roots the moment you start to notice them, since you will know that it is time to move the plant, being totally important to have holes at the bottom so that the wet can be drained.

It is necessary to do a little research on the plants that are being cultivated to know for sure if they are they need some special care.

It is also necessary to be aware of humidity, plants They constantly need moisture and having a dry soil can harm their health. Even if you water your plants daily, it is possible that they will dry out at some point.

You must be attentive to light controlHave you noticed any burnt or yellowed leaves? This may be because your plant is getting too much sun. Now, what if there is none to bloom? That can mean lack of sun.

death of a plant

death of a plant

It is extremely important to keep track of how much sun do you supply the plantsince it is what determines the development and growth of your plants. You can place them in places where the sun hits it directly, however you must be aware of how long you leave them under it, especially if where you live is a region with a lot of sunlight.

Remember plants are living beings Like us, therefore they need nutrients, for this you can use eggshells, coffee grounds, even vegetable remains, since all these will work as a fertilizer, which will help the growth and development of your plant. It is important that this type of fertilization is carried out on the plants when you observe weakening in its leavesso you can nourish it and in such a way it will continue to grow in a healthy way.

Another trick that will be very efficient to recover your dead plants and after removing the dry leaves and branches, as we have mentioned, you can place the plant in a container larger than the proportion of the earth, then pour warm water, so that it absorbs the largest amount of water, then remove it and put it on a plate to drain the excess water, after this you put it back in its normal containerso that it maintains humidity, in the same way remember that the container must have holes so that the water continues to flow.

In other cases, no matter how much you do or try, your plant will not live again, but by trying it will not remain.

How to recover dead plants?

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