How to remove locusts from my plants

how to get rid of locusts on plants

Lobsters are insects that, if they appear one at a time or in small groups, do not cause too many problems, but when they come in swarms … they can destroy the harvest in a matter of days. They are very gluttonous and will not hesitate to eat our plants, unless we prohibit it. As the warm, pleasant temperatures favor them, it is during spring and summer when we can see them more easily. Therefore, it will be at these stations that we will most urgently have to take action. So let’s see how to remove locusts from plants.

In this article we are going to show you how to remove locusts from plants.

Lobster characteristics

how to remove locusts from plants with home remedies

how to eliminate locusts from plants with home remedies

The lobster is a flying insect that multiplies very quickly and in large numbers: females can lay up to 200 eggs on plantswhich is what they will feed on. As they grow they change their skin, as soon as they reach the adult stage they reproduce and lay their eggs. From hatching to death only an average of four months pass, so it is important to prevent these insects from killing the plants, but how?

Locust pests have been known to be a great danger to crop crops for virtually all of history. Earlier this year a large plague of locusts attacked existing crops in parts of Africa, Pakistan and India. Such is the importance of these plagues that already among these ancients such as the Bible or the Koran, the damage they can cause is mentioned. Also the Egyptians had a lot of respect for these insects.

They are known by the common name of grasshoppers or grasshoppers and they are able to change their behavior by joining large swarms. Among the characteristics stands out the great voracity they have when it comes to eating. They also have reproductive conditions that allow them to multiply at an accelerated rate. By multiplying with great speed, eliminating a locust infestation is quite difficult. Therefore, we are going to give you several remedies to learn how to eliminate locusts from plants.

Which plants do they affect

You have to know which plants the locusts affect and what types of crops. One of the most harmful species of these insects is the desert locust. When it swarms is capable of feeding on virtually any green leaf, grain, or seed that is within your reach. They are very voracious swarms and each of them can feed on its own weight in plants each day. If the swarms form more than 1.000 square kilometers and are made up of up to 80 million locusts per square kilometer, there is nothing more to imagine what their ability to ravage everything is.

How to remove locusts from plants

lobster problems

locust problems

Home remedies

When the plague has not spread yet and we have seen one or two, perhaps a few more but very far apart, we can do several things:

  • Catch them and take them too farat a distance of at least ten meters, although the further they get along the better.
  • Fill a sprayer with half a liter of water and 125 grams of ground seeds of Melia sourach. Let it sit overnight, filter it and apply it in the morning or evening taking care that no warm-blooded animals get near it, as it is a toxic mixture for them.
  • Leave them and let nature take its course. Each living being has its role in the food chain, and for example lobsters are eaten by some animals. You just have to increase the number of natural predators to keep them under control.
  • To eliminate some negative environmental aspects of insecticides, there are biopesticides. These are made up of natural fungi that are applied to young lobsters. However, despite being a more suitable treatment for the proper maintenance of environmental conditions, it is expensive. We are paying in exchange for the fact that it is not harmful to humans or other living beings.
  • If we use some natural remedies we can use a biological pest control. This consists of putting a greater number of predators of these insects. In this case, Among the species that work best are chickens and ducks. These two types of animals have lobsters as their favorite food. In the case of chickens We will also have some more advantages that derive from its ecological breeding. Among these advantages is the bet on organic eggs to eat and guano to make natural fertilizer of great value. Some arachnids or parasitoid flies are also effective at killing locusts.

Chemical remedies

Unfortunately, these kinds of swarms are difficult to deal with when they show up unannounced. Most of the treatments that are most effective on a large scale rely on the use of pesticides and chemicals. The problem is that these chemicals can be harmful to other animals and to humans. Some of these products are only effective if they are applied in some stages before lobster development. Therefore, in this case, it is vitally important to learn to detect any threat with anticipation to be able to treat the terrain time.

Otherwise, it will be more difficult to eliminate the swarm and we cannot avoid damage to the crops. The resources that we have at our disposal are based mainly on pesticides that are regulators of the growth of insects. They mainly affect insects when they are young and begin to shed their skin in order to grow. When the insects have already crossed several bands in a field covered by these pesticides they have already absorbed enough to die when they change their skin.

In the event that the pest is important and is causing serious damage, there will be no choice but to use insecticides such as Polaris, always following the indications specified on the product packaging.

locust pests

plague of locusts

I hope that with this information you can learn how to eliminate locusts from plants, insects that can quickly become pests, destroying crops.

How to remove locusts from my plants

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