How to take care of the garden in summer?

vegetable garden with plants

During the warmer months of the year there is a lot to do. Plants grow at a good rate, and many of them flower and even bear fruit. To be able to develop need a constant supply of water and regular inputs of compostin addition to being protected against pests and microorganisms that cause diseases.

Taking care of the garden in summer takes time and effort, but it is an experience that can be truly enriching,


Drip irrigation in the garden

Drip irrigation in the orchard

It is one of the most important tasks to do throughout the year, but during the summer it increases its importance even more. The sun heats the soil much faster, so the water also evaporates faster, and of course, if it evaporates, the plants cannot use it as they should. Thus, you have to water a lot and very frequently, daily if necessary, at dusk.


Manure for plants

plant manure

Water is as necessary as fertilizer, especially during the ripening season, which in the case of many horticultural plants is during the summer. As they are plants for human consumption, they must be paid with organic fertilizers such as guano, manure or humus. A layer of about 2-3cm is put around each one, mixed a little with the earth and watered.

Prevention of pests and diseases

Neem oilAceite de Take

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Eliminate wild herbs

Wild herbs (weeds, weeds) that grow in the garden are a real problem: they grow very fast, and if we let them, they could invade the entire field. In addition, it must be borne in mind that can attract various pestsAs aphids, mealybugs o Red spider, among others, so that one way to prevent the orchard of these is by eliminating the weeds.

Natural and ecological treatments

If our plants already have a plague, we can treat them with natural products that we will find for sale in any nursery, such as the neem oil or potassium soap; without forgetting the grandmother’s remedies what can you read here! .

As for diseases, they can be prevented if we do not wet the leaves or flowers, and if we avoid excessive watering.


Three freshly picked ripe tomatoes

Three freshly picked ripe tomatoes

There are many vegetables that ripen this season, such as lettuce, tomato, pepper, onion, radish, The Jewish or cucumber, so We will collect them in a uniform way as they finish developing.

Have a happy summer .

How to take care of the garden in summer?

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